Sunday, July 11, 2010

visit to "Intel Museum".

All pics of this visit:


As usual this week was very busy and I couldn't find even half an hour time to plan what I am going to do on Saturday. But it was sure that we [me and Chandra (my friend)] will go somewhere for biking. Finally on Friday we just decided that we will go "Intel Museum" which is around 4 to 5 mile from our Santa Clara office.

On Saturday morning we started on our bikes for "Intel Museum", Chandra was familiar with road so there was no need of map this time. weather was quite Good and we were enjoying biking.

"Gordon Moore" and "Robert Noyce" (Founders of Intel)

When I had thought of visiting "Intel Museum", I had just thought that I will come to know about Intel's growth history and their magic in semiconductor industry. Oh... but actual visit turned out to be more inspirational. When I read about How "Gordon Moore" and "Robert Noyce" started this company for a moment I went speechless. The way they started their career and took it to different level is really inspirational. Noyce has around 17 patents on his name. oh man!!! 17 patents? really God gifted intelligence. Every time they took some risk with innovative idea and with extra ordinary effort they converted it into success. I also liked the way information about these two guys was presented in museum, Almost they covered their biography with all major info and evidence. Even there was scrapbook of Robert Noyce. It was really inspirational to know so much about these two people...!!!

I liked one quote by Robert Noyce and just kept thinking about it.....
"Optimism is essential ingredient for innovation. How else can the individual welcome change over security, adventure over staying in safe places?"

After such inspiration first section, In second section they gave all the information about How actually processor is fabricated in Intel's lab.
They explained almost all the stages in processor fabrication, right from collecting raw silicon material to testing of fabricated processor.
How they maintain their fab labs and all. It was interesting to know How this magical small chip is fabricated which has become integral part of almost every human being on this planet.

In third section there were interesting things like "digital rain" and some games. I enjoyed catching digital rain droplets while Chandra was busy in playing some chess game.

In forth and final section they had given info about all the processor models Intel has fabricated till date. (I had tried to capture snap of almost every processor).

Overall it was informative, interesting and more than that inspirational visit...!!!


I hope my this first attempt of writing a blog was interesting experience for all my reader friends. I will share my travelogue and some more interesting things on this blog.



  1. You are going beyond imagination. Keep the momentum on. Loved your post.

  2. Its nice sandy. You really write very well. Keep writing

  3. Great Work Sandy....hoping for more frequent posts by you.....

  4. great job bro....its really nice to read.... a lot more inspirational......waiting for next blog.......

  5. Shukriya dosto..!!!

    Thanks God, I am surrounded by so many encouraging friends... surely I will keep posting more and more interesting thing :)