Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visit to Napa Valley

All pics of this visit


Since last so many days we (me and Chandra) were planning trip to Napa Valley. Finally on 17th Jully we had Napa Valley trip. Napa Valley is around 84 miles from Sanata Clara and it was not possible to complete this visit in one day with the help of public transport so we decided to book one day Napa trip from Sanfransisco (SFO). Tour bus was going to start at 9:15am from SFO and It takes around one and half hour to reach SFO from Santa Clara so we started around 7am from Santa Clara and reached SFO on time to catch tour bus. Weather was cold and that day I had forgot my jacket :(

Bus got full around 9:20am and our driver Mr. Washington started journey from SFO. Mr. Washington was very active person and he was giving all interesting information about SFO while driving. he made this journey very interesting. I have heard lot about wineries in Napa and Sonama Valley and finally today I was going to visit them so I was quite excited. When we were traveling in Napa and Sonama Valley, all round us there was just Grape farms and Wineries. Mr. Washington told some interesting stories about How farmers in Napa got started Grapes farming and How this wine business started.

Finally around 11am we reached at our first destination, "JACUZZI family vineyard". We were welcomed by JACUZZI vineyard Guide. He gave us all the information about JACUZZI vineyard and JACUZZI family who started this vineyard. Most interesting part was while talking about each wine, we used to get opportunity to test that wine :) I enjoyed a lot this wine testing activity. while giving information about JACUZZI, guide was treating JACUZZI family as king and he was giving information about their ancestors and all. I didn't understood why he is giving so much of importance to JACUZZI family history and all but when I visited some other wineries during the day I realized that "In Napa Valley, families which started wineries have lot of importance and high respect". JACUZZI family was originally from from Italy and that's why this winery building has Italian kind of structure. One of the most distinguishing part of this winery was person who started this winery had 11 children and each brand of JACUZZI wine is dedicated to his children. You can find their photos on JACUZZI's wine bottles. Guide also took us to their store room where they kept wine for 6 months or one year depending on their fermentation process. They use containers made up of special wood [forgot tree name :)] and these containers are specially imported from France. During extra time we got chance to visit their grape farms as well. after couple of hours we moved to our next destination.

Our second destination was "SHUTTER HOME winery". This was one of most old winery in this area. It specializes in dessert wines and testing these dessert wines was delightful experience. Here also SHUTTER HOME's Guide gave us all information about this winery and some stories about family who started it. One story was really interesting. The first family SHUTTER, who started this winery had written "SHUTTER" word in very big letters on the roof of winery. If you are taking aerial view, then only you can see it. So long back when they sold it someone else, roof changing and painting cost to remove word "SHUTTER" was so high that even second owner decided to continue with same name and after that they never changed it. Oh, my God..!!! I found this story bit exaggerative but was interesting to know such facts about winery.

Our third destination was "MADONNA" winery. This winery has got certificate of organic winery. They explained lot of things about organic certificate and all but I found it boring and got busy in looking at grape farm around us. Guide of this winery taught us How to test a wine? and when I followed his steps, I could realize the difference in test.

Overall it was great experience but because of time constraint only thing I missed was wine train trip. After visiting all three wineries and wine testing while coming home, we were slightly in different world ;)

With all these different experiences, end of day it turn out to be great trip and special thanks to Mr. Washington who made this trip more interesting with some historic stories in his humorous style.


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  1. hey bro ur blog is really nice i feel like i m tasting the wine and i was there with u on that trip.........good work keep it up......