Sunday, August 1, 2010

Unplanned outing to Golden Gate Park

All pics of this outing

Usually we (me and chandra) try to plan our trip very well, at least we get exact idea of what we to do at the place of visit. But because of so much of work we didn't planned anything and just thought that lets go to Golden gate park, there are many activities at that place which we can do. In this way finally on 24th Jully was started on unplanned day trip to Golden Gate Park...!!!

As usual we started early morning and reached San Francisco (SFO) by 10:30am. After breakfast at subway we started biking towards Golden Gate park which is around 5 miles from SFO cal-train station. while traveling, biking on road next to market street became real challenge as this road was very steep. At one point we got down from bike and started walking. But very soon we realized it was worth taking this effort..!!! As soon as park road started there was dark greenery around us and while biking I felt like being in heaven... Till now I have traveled so much on bike but I can say this was my one the best biking experience...!!!

First point in this park was "Conservatory of Flowers". This was beautiful place with all different types of flowers all around us. Even there was big clock made of flowers. This environment was very rejuvenating, We had great photo session here ;) Almost every group at this place was busy in their own some kind of activity. Interestingly there was one group playing with sword and one old person in that group was teaching them How to hold and use sword. I liked Dahlia flower garden where they are trying to conserve all species of Dahlia. Also loved the attitude of people who were taking care of this garden, they were taking care of these flowers like their children. After that there was big exhibition about flowers but as we wanted to explore entire park in one day so we didn't went for that exhibition.

Second destination was the "de Young Museum", but at entrance itself we found that it was an exhibition about old art work and all. So we didn't felt like attending it. Our immediate next stop was "California Academy of Sciences". but while inquiring itself we came to know that all passes for planetarium inside academy are finished for the day. If we are going to miss planetarium show then there was no point going inside it. Slowly I started realizing result of coming here even without some basic planning. Oh..!!! What to do now???

We thought for 10 mins and immediately I suggested Chandra that lets go for some movie but even we were not aware of any theater in this area. so what?? we have solution for every problem :) We called Naveen who looked at google map and sincerely helped us to reach to "Sundance" theater. We disturbed a lot to Naveen for getting this theater route. But finally we reached there, thanks a lot to Naveen...!!! We watched "Inception" movie. ah..!! It was bit confusing movie....till last moment we were thinking that what will happen next??.. dream inside dream??... I don't think tonight while sleeping I will even dare to dream. When movie finished it took some time for me to realize whether its live or am I inside any dream ;)

Movie finished around 6pm and we started our journey towards SFO cal-train station, on that route Chandra found one place as "Japan center" and out of curiosity we stopped and went inside. This was kind of shopping mall and food center and all Japanese food items were there. he he he he ... after looking all these things there was no doubt that we thought of having dinner there. We had very special Japanese food at dinner at one of the restaurant in this mall. Also we tested "Sake" which is very famous Japanese drink. Food was really testy and still I can feel this test of it :) Some Japanese festival was going on and There were couple of trees and many small papers were tied to leaves of that tree. I didn't got what it is?? But Chandra explained me that there is saying that We should write our wish on piece of small paper and tied it to that tree. It will become true... We both grabbed this opportunity, wrote something on paper and tied it to tree..!!! [hope it will really come true :) ]

In this way, this unplanned outing turn out to be very interesting and enjoyable day, I ever had in my life..!!!



  1. Inception, on top of it Sake.. oh man it was mind-blowing & dreamy.. not sure where we are.... in dreams or real world

  2. kool man... -Navin

  3. sahi are enjoying alot..

  4. hey Sandy,
    This is gr8 to see u jottin down ur experience!! dats nice!!
    sorry i could not invite u my place as i was too busy wid ofice work!!
    m planin vacation next month, catch u there!!
    C ya.. TC. njoii..