Sunday, August 22, 2010

US trip - flashback

Its Sunday morning, I was just relaxing in my room and reading some news papers. Suddenly a thought came in my mind that what I would have been doing if still I was in CA? I guess I became nostalgic and just had flashback of all the events from the moment I board the plane three months ago to the time I reached home just couple of days ago. Now everything was appearing like dream. I felt like I was in long dream for three months and just woke up from it. Oh man..!!! I just can't forget those days of very hectic work schedules and still trying to have some time on weekend for myself and managing some site seeing.

I think, I am blessed to be always with Good people and same story continued in CA. while having people like Chandra, Naveen, Gaurav and John around me, I never felt that I was away from home.

Mind was going through continuous threads of thoughts and suddenly realized that someone is loudly saying "bro, please come for breakfast..!!"
Oh..!!! my sister is calling me since last 10 mins for breakfast. I came out of this dream and moved for breakfast... :)