Sunday, August 15, 2010


14th August, Its just another Saturday so whats special about it? of course yaar its special.. Its my last weekend in US of this business trip... :)
I have thought of making this last Saturday as one of the memorable day. I thought of going to "Great America" again. I have been there even before this but I had missed some of the water rides over there during my last visit. Today I didn't took Camera with me because I just wanted full on enjoyment. Its around 5 to 5.5 miles from Sunnyvale. Two riders (me and Chandra) hit the road around 10:30 am.

"Great America" was bit crowded today, may be because summer is about end. As usual I started with "Flight deck" ride. This is one the most scaring ride in this park but I like that thrill. After that we went for water rides. Downunder thunder, Didgeridoo falls, Tasmanian typhoon.... even I don't have count of rides I had taken. But in all water rides I think "Tasmanian typhoon" was the best. One Good thing was Chandra likes water rides and first time he came on rides instead of just being spectator. While doing all these things we didn't realized time but when I started feeling hungry at time we realized it already 1:45pm and its time to grab something for lunch. We purchased tickets for chicken BBQ and for such tired and hungry people it was just perfect lunch. Akraman..!!! By the time we finished lunch, we got rejuvenated for remaining rides. Chandra don't like other dangerous rides, so he just settled at one place for rest and I started having all rides one after another. The only resting time for me was time while waiting in queue for any ride. It was just full on enjoyment..!!!

Around 6pm I reached at very special place XTREME SKYFLYER. oh man..!!! It was just mind blowing adventurous game. Immediately I purchased ticket for it and started getting ready for sky fly. It was really great experience... I don't have words to describe it. I hope this video will express my feelings.

Last but not the least, just before leaving park I got my cartoonist sketch from one of the artist over there. Its so funny. he he he he... may be some other time I will publish it.

After enjoying throughout day, around 8pm we started riding for coming back to home. It was perfect evening and with cool breeze. When I was biking towards home, mind was full of thoughts about this place and all Saturday's I spent here in US, as very soon I am going back home... Don't know when I will hit this road again... I guess I became emotional... :)



  1. emotional with some tears.. cant forgot that dude..

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