Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Naneghat Trek

Now days I have got some interest in trekking so I was looking for some professional trek group. Finally I came to know about Pinnacle Trek Club. Naneghat Trek was my first trek with them and I was quite excited about it. But at the same time I was bit nervous as I had just talked with Mahesh (Trek Lead) on phone but I haven't met any member of the group. As per our plan we met at Kalyan ST depot around 6:15am. Mahesh being team lead introduced me to other group members(Prafulla, Hemant and bodake kaka). Around 6:30am we caught ST bus for Pune. During this journey we had Good discussion and I became comfortable with group.

We reached "Naneghat phata" around 8:30am. After having small breakfast session, we all looked at "Naneghat cha Anghata" (highest point where we had decided to reach) and started trek with full enegry and enthusiasm. Height of this mountain is around 2400 ft and its full of greenery all around.

Starting path was very clear and straight so we covered this distance very quickly. While walking we had very interesting discussions and at the same time everyone was busy in capturing this natural beauty in their Camera. (I have given link to all the pics of this trek at the end of this post). I was able to catch one very beautiful butterfly, I liked that pic a lot. Mahesh was our botany teacher on this trek, he knows so many things about different types of trees and flowers.

As we started moving ahead, mountain became more steep and slowly we started feeling heat. But nature has arranged everything for us. There were many small waterfalls to clean the face and become fresh. Also lemon toffees given by Prafulla at regular interval were very rejuvenating. As we started reaching top, road became very narrow and full of stone, one has to be very clear while moving ahead. Also Hemant mentioned that this is easy grade trek. (Oh..!!! How will be difficult grade trek..!!!) Slowly slowly we kept moving, it took us around 3 hrs to reach the top and finally we reached there around 11:30am. There Mahesh showed us old age toll tax collection center for traveling through this route. Oh..!!! So this was another interesting fact that people used to pay to use this route. Also I have read at place that, this is the reason why its called naneghat? Nane means coin and ghat is route between mountains hence Naneghat. Truly interesting..!!!

After reaching at top we had full fledged photo session under leadership of Prafulla. We had got some really marvelous pics over there. Sitting at the top of "naneghat cha Anghata" was a proud feeling. Look in any direction, It will be green and full of trees. We had lunch there and relaxed for some time.

Around 2 to 2:15pm, we started getting down, Initially I felt that getting down will be very easy but controlling your speed and tempo while getting down becomes bit challenging...!!! We were expecting some rain drizzles but it was bit sunny and hot :( Around 4:30pm we got down completely. Now when we look at that mountain, It was difficult to believe that just couple of hours before we were at the top point :)

Now after finishing trek everyone was expecting that we will be in Mumbai around 7 to 7:30pm. But thanks to our ST department for their pathetic service which made this journey bit painful but still interesting. ha ha ha ha .. Initially none of the ST driver was ready to stop ST at "Naneghat phata", so we started walking towards Tokavade (next village). While walking we were able to convince one truck driver and he gave us lift till Murbad. he he he he.. What a ride it was..!!! Everyone was bit afraid because of truck condition but we had no option :( After getting down at Murbad we had great chase with different ST's for moving towards Kalyan. Every ST had some or other issue or risk... ha ha ha.. Finally we caught one ST which started after waiting for one hour. but even here me, Hemant and Prafulla had great time with full on masti..!!! ha ha ha ha .... We had never imagined that journey back home will be so interesting..!!!



Monday, September 13, 2010

Kanheri Caves

All pics of this outing

Its been almost three weeks, I am here back in India from CA. While getting used to routine life, one thing I am definitely missing is my weekend outings.
I guess even my sister realized it and she planned an outing to "Kanheri Caves" with all cousins. Outing with cousins is really different experience and we all always enjoys it.

Kanheri Caves is in Borivali and its around 7km from National park main Gate. We all gathered together at Bhandup around 7:30am and started journey by BEST bus. This time I was definitely missing my Bike [and of course Chandra sir] :). After reaching at National park main Gate, Forest department bus helped us to reach Caves. It was greenery all around us and I just felt like I am roaming some where in my native place.

These rock-cut Buddhist caves at kanheri were build around 12th century and are excellent example of great history of India. There are around more than 100 caves in this area, but we could see around 89 caves while roaming over there. All the caves have beautiful designs which represents culture at that time and are of great example of archeology. We all were just stunned by such a marvelous piece of work. I tried to capture almost all different structures (I hope you have enjoyed all pics). Earlier some Buddhist community people were used to live over here so some of these caves were used for prayers and some for residential purpose. While roaming in these caves I could easily see this difference in their structures.

As we were in National park and its rainy season, beauty of national park was at different level. It was full green and there were many small and larg water falls all around. This beauty was just speechless. We were just dancing all around there. I went on clicking pics. We were hoping that it will rain today but Alas..!!! It didn't rained today :( Finally we also went at highest point over there and had lunch from our tiffins.

After having great time at Kanheri caves while coming back we walk for around 7km to come back to National park main gate. Walk for 7km??? he he he .... It was just perfect end of this trip :)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ubuntu 10.4

Recently I installed "ubuntu 10.4" as a dual boot with windows 7. Also completed setup for java development environment on linux.
While doing this activity I got help from lot of forums and blogs for installing each utility and tool.
Just revising all steps here so that it will be useful for my friends.


Installing ubuntu 10.4:

Prepare Ubuntu 10.4 installer in USB as given on ubuntu site.

Now restart your system and use this USB as boot device for installing "Ubuntu 10.4"

I found one video very useful for this:

Once installtion is completed, next time when system is restarted you will get option for selection of windows7 or linux.


Setup Java Development Environment:

1. Install java: Following command should be run through any terminal window.
sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/

3. Installing subvsersion:
sudo apt-get install subversion

4. Installing maven:
sudo apt-get install maven2

5. Using tomcat:
Download latest tomcat from "http://tomcat.apache.org/download-60.cgi" => tar.gz version should be downloaded.
Extract it at ome place in your folders.
set TOMCAT_HOME variable.

6. mysql install:
sudo apt-get install mysql-server

7. Download "helios" version of eclipse from "http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/"
Further we can use, m2eclipse plugin for importing maven projects "http://m2eclipse.sonatype.org/sites/m2e"
Also we can use subclipse plugin for subversion, "http://subclipse.tigris.org/update_1.6.x"
But for some reason this plugin doesn't work properly so we have to disable it.
disabling subversion support:

8. Installing rabbitvcs: This is graphical tool for version control system (Its same as tortoise on windows).
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rabbitvcs/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rabbitvcs-core
sudo apt-get install rabbitvcs-nautilus rabbitvcs-thunar rabbitvcs-gedit rabbitvcs-cli