Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Native Place

Dasara is one of the biggest festival at my native place [pachupatewadi (Tulsan)]. This ten days festival comes to an end with "Palakhi sohla" on Dasara day. People may be out for work but everyone try to attend this last day pooja so even I also always try to attend this festival as its good opportunity to meet almost all the people in the village. Also during dasara rainy season is just about to end and natural beauty of my village is at its peak as all the hills around it becomes green. For one moment I felt like all the hills are wearing green shawls. This time I guess I enjoyed more because of my new hobby photography and I got some really cool pics. [ (Link to all the pics is given at the end of this post.) Thanks to all the insects who remained in steady position, till the time I clicked the pic ;) ]

During my two days stay, I spent lot of time on farms and on hills. As usual, I like the peace and calmness on hills. Roaming on these hills is just a divine experience. During Dasara I make a point that I have a small trip on bike with my uncle. He drives very well and I enjoy bike safary. This time it was not very long drive, we went to pachawad (famous shiv mandir in karad) and spent some time over there. As a part of this trip we had dinner at Hotel Raigad. ah...!!! Mutton curry was too Good..!!! Still I can feel the test :) Also journey back to home during night made a great end of this trip. Because of frequent rain drizzles, Atmosphere was too cool and I was shivering while sitting back on bike. We returned in village around 10pm. At this time some loknatya entertainment program was going over there. Even I joined people to watch this program. This program was not too fancy but still I found that all the people were whistling, dancing and enjoying this program like anything. This is the only time when people in village take some time from their farm work, routine life and get relaxed. These people's life is too simple..!!!

Dasara day is like big pooja day, In the morning we (me and cousins) went to main temple (Ninai devi) for prayer. After that, during afternoon we went to another temple (Bhagubhai devi) for darshan and prayer. This temple is on hill, so going over there is as good as easy grade trek. So me and my cousins started around 2pm with ammo like water and had all the things required for prayer with us. Climate was cloudy so its was not too hot. We climbed hill slowly with some funny discussions while walking. Also in between I was busy in clicking some Good pic. We didn't realized and around after one and half hours walk we reached at the top of the hill. We had pooja over there and spent some time in the temple. Now returning journey was not too hard and we got down easily and reached home around 5:30 pm. We have "Palakhi darshan sohla" at dasara night. All people in village fire crackers for this festival. even I enjoyed some fireworks. Joined "palakhi sohla" and finally at 2am in the midnight after final prayer we returned home.

After enjoying for two days, I started journey back to Mumbai on Monday morning. All the hills from Satara to pune were too green and looking at them is really rejuvenating feeling. Really, God is a great architect who created this beautiful nature..!!! During last two days I had forgot everything and was just enjoying my time with nature. As I entered in Mumbai, cool breeze became bit humid and hot. oh... This hot and humid air talked with me. It told me that "Sandy beta, come out of dream and get ready for your routine life...!!!" he he he he...


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