Sunday, October 24, 2010

PlaySpan's trip to Silent Hill Resort.

23rd Oct 2010, I think this day will be written in Golden letters in the History of PlaySpan. oh.. What Happened on this day? ... We went to Silent Hill Resort for the picnic and What a day it was..!!! I think this was first ever proper picnic we had at PlaySpan. Thanks to all people like Kavitha, PD, Twinkle who worked hard to arrange it properly. Whatever may be the activity right from eating tiffins during lunch in office to working over the night for new clients demo my team always do it with full enthusiasm. But one thing everyone will agree that enthusiasm and spirit of all the people on 23rd was at a different level which lead it to the grand success. One more delightful fact was Vinayak Sir took some time from his really busy schedule and spent time with us.

We had hired bus and kanjur station was the first pick up point. I reached at Kanjur around 6:15am and we got started around 6:35 once all people at Kanjur came. During morning there is no traffic at Powai and JVLR road so we rushed to Oberoi mall within 20-25 mins. Here most of the people caught the bus. By this time our back seat team was almost settled and ready to rock under the leadership of Sangeet and me. We recited "Ganapati Bappa Moraya" couple of times and full on Dhamal masti got started. When back seat Gang, was quite busy in teasing each other, cracking some jokes, slowly bus was moving and we realized that almost everyone was in by the time reached Borivali. Here our one more proud back sit Gang member came in, who is he???.. he he he .. he is Sagar Bhute. Once Sagar got in, three muskities me, Sangeet and Sagar took the charge of back seat gang and rest is the History. One activity is very common on any picnic that is boys vs Girls Antakshari and we were no exception to it. So we also started with Antakshari. We didn't had any musical instrument but all seats of bus, upper deck was used as drums and tabla. (I hope bus owner has insurance of bus seats also.. he he he he )... Antakshari was going in full on swing. Everyone contributed very well but me, Sagar, Sangeet PD, twinkle and Akanksha lead the show. Our ustad PDji sang some really Good kishor, rafi songs. One bit bad luck was, our one more Ustad Niraj was not feeling very well but what a team spirit..!!! still he came for picnic and encouraged us really well. While singing refreshment like fruti was really relaxing. After some time I was successful in getting Vinayak sir involved in Antakshari. Shrikanta also sang couple of songs... I was expecting at least one song from my friend Sudha, But teacher couldn't get a take off :( and just continued encouraging us. Riche, Harshil got involved only in some special performances. we were busy in singing one song after another suddenly realized we have reached the resort.

As soon as we got in the resort we had Good breakfast. ah.... Jalebi was too Good ;) after getting recharged with breakfast we got changed for getting into the water. I jumped into big pool and indirectly said Akraman to all the playspanian's...he he he... slowly everyone got in and enjoyed swimming and diving for some time. After that it was time for rain dance. We rocked even there and spent lot of time in dancing on some item numbers from "Dagala lagali kal..." to "Munni badnam hui...". There were couple of slides but no none from our team was ready to come there but no doubt me, Sagar had lot of rounds on slides and enjoyed like anything. It was great feeling when you finally fall into water. Only hurdle for slides was we had to climb two floors on steps. I hope we could I have lift over there then me and Sagar would have at least 20 more rounds .. he he he he he ...... Finally there was one more pool which was not very deep and everyone can stand properly. We had a great photography session in this pool also played some games. Except some CS and PSM team people, almost everyone was in water and enjoyed to the fullest. Suddenly I started feeling hungry and at that I realized oh man..!!! Its time for lunch. We all came out of water got ready for lunch.

After having lunch it was time for team building games and PD had already find place for it. We all moved there. at that time I found that Oh God..!!! this resort is on the bank of Vaitarna and ambiance at that place was too Good. As everyone had Good lunch we all were planning to have a nice nap..he he he he ... But Kavitha and PD had planned some competition and Games. Finally after too much of resistance everyone get up from their seat and got ready for game. First Game we played was "Dog and bone". everyone as aware of this game but I was not knowing game, Sagar explained game to me. It was really funny game and we all enjoyed it. Second Game was some team bulding game where people have to work as a team. It was really Good Game. Kavitha didn't told us name of that Game So I am calling it as "Pipe and goti" game.. he he he he ..... My team co-ordination was Good but still we came second. not to worry.. we enjoyed and that was enough..!!! Kavitha, had one more surprise for us and we all got coffee mug and some chocolates... There were different animals label on coffee mug. I got lion lebeled mug. After that we had nice tea session just before leaving the resort.

After enjoying full on, around 5:30pm we started journey back to home. While coming back almost everyone was down except my back seat Gang. But on return journey we just wanted to sing some cultural songs and we were not aware of too many songs. So we sang full "Ganpati aarati" and some other songs and then everyone got settled on their seats.

As a team, It was really great day where everyone enjoyed and peoples of different teams got some time to talk with each other. It was really Good from team building point of view. Alas..!!! As we were in water resort, I was too busy in masti and didn't involved in photography at all. But my team mate Twinkle managed to get some pics. (I have given link to pics at the end of this post) Special thanks to Sangeet and Sagar whose company really helped me to enjoy and keep rocking right from start to end. Today, everyone showed great spirit.. So this is to all Playspanian's ..... Good Guys..!!! Keep it up..!!! We will have great time again..!!!





  1. Hey Sandeep

    Nice blog, we look forward to having you over for Paragliding & Fun at Kamshet in November

    Peace, Bliss & Happy Landings

    Sanjay & Astrid Rao

    Paragliding India

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