Saturday, November 27, 2010

Visit to Maharashtra Nature Park

Sometimes we miss to notice the beauty of our backyard, I guess same is the story of "Maharashtra Nature Park". I am in Mumbai since last so many years but I was not knowing this place. This park is near Dharavi bus depot (15 mins walk from Sion station). Yesterday while surfing on Internet I came to know about this place. Anyways I had messed up my planned outing activities because of some professional confusion so I thought lets visit this park on Saturday.

This park is kind of small forest of around 37 acres. Its very Eco-friendly park where rainwater harvesting technology is used for its water supply. Also they use solar energy for some lamps in park. When I reached park, at the entrance itself I came to know that there are around 200 different types of trees in this park. Also there are around 20 species of butterflies are found in this forest (wow..!!! my favorite object of photography...!!) After completing all the required formalities I got entry in actual forest. As soon as I entered in forest I was welcomed by one snake...!!! I noticed one snake crossed my path. he moved very fast and I couldn't capture him in my camera :( Its very beautiful forest. They have made path of bricks for roaming through this forest.

So I was roaming through the forest and clicking some pics of butterflies and flowers. I was excited after seeing so many different types of butterflies. I was running behind them just like mad to catch them in my camera. they were constantly moving and made my life very difficult. [I think butterflies were thinking of themselves as very pretty girls and had doubt like who is this poor road romeo behind us???.... he he he he ........] I used to spot them then by the time I am done with all zoom settings and in a position to take the pic they used to fly away :( Literally I felt as if they are taking my patience test. but I didn't gave up, followed them with full on concentration and my constant effort helped me to catch some really cool pics of butterflies. (I have given link to all pics at the end of this post) Oh God..!!! These butterflies have so many different colors, its really just too Good to see. God is a great creator...!!!

I have captured some different types of flowers in my camera. But I became really happy when I came to know that I have captured "Nagchafa" in my camera. (flower in above pic is nagchafa) I was not knowing this. when I showed this pics to my sister, she confirmed that its nagchafa. This is one of the rarest flower in India. This flower has divine importance as it represents "shiva-ling" of god shiva. If you have observed this flower carefully then you can easily co-relate inner part of this flower with "shiva-ling" of god shiva. (hope your able to co-relate this...!!!) Being one of the most die-hard devotee of god shiva, this pic became really special for me :)

On one side of this forest you can see mithi river. Forest department people said that earlier some foreign migration birds used to come in this area during this season. But now days this river is such a badly poluted that I guess even those migratory birds have stopped coming here. he he he ..... There were some other groups roaming in the forest. I saw that in one of the college student group, some guys were wearing headphones and listening to music... he he he he ... come on man..!!! you came here to see and enjoy the nature or to listen to music??.... while roaming there are so many birds around you, making some sounds... as if they want to talk with you. If your listening to music, your just missing it.... he he he... Suddenly after long time I started feeling hungry and at that I realized its already 1:30pm. I went to one of the open hall over there and I had my lunch from tiff-in box. Now this lunch was more tasty ;)

I saw one quote on one of the board in this park, "Patience and Silence are two powerful energies. patience makes you mentally strong and Silence makes you emotionally strong..!!!" I think its very true and our great teacher nature always teaches us these things. Tree says even if I loose leaves in summer I will not loose patience, very soon soon rain will come and I will blossom again with full on leaves and flowers. Nature is true representation of divine silence. I think if we learn these two energies from nature, we can lead to much more peaceful and happier life..!!!
After lunch I spent some more time in forest and left that place at some time in the afternoon with such a nice thought in mind.....!!!




  1. hey bro; I had visited this place before but journey of this place with your camera is different kind of experience ..
    I feel like i missed lot of good things over there which i got to see because of you..
    thanx bro...!!

  2. Wonderful fotography man!!!!
    It seems, these fotos are clicked using SLR camera.
    This is a sure to visit place.

  3. Thanks Ankur,
    These photos are clicked using digital camera :)