Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Days are moving so fast, I didn't even realized How 2010 finished. 2011 is started and also half January is finished.
I wanted to have great start of this year by attending one Good trek. Pinnacle had arranged trek to "Padmadurg fort" (also known as Kasa Killa). So I just grabbed this opportunity and had really nice time on last weekend. usually I expect some mountaineeing activities of climbing and all on trek but this trek was bit mild and trunout to be one Good picnic.... Yah, so this was kind of refreshment trek... :)

We started our journey on Saturday night. after takmak event I know some pinncale members so this time I could see some familiar faces on trek. Vijay bhai, Vinod sir and Rajesh sir were leading this trek. I had feeling like as soon as we will left Mumbai, it will be very cold. but that day it was not too cold and I didn't used my jacket..... :( during journey young brigade of pinnacle started enjoying by having antakshari and all. Saturday was bit hectic day for me so I didn't involved in antakshari, just had some really nice technical discussion with Hemant, don't even know when did I slept while talking with Hemant.... he he he he ....

We reached Murud around 5:45am. Finally here I started feeling cold and my jacket was useful now.... :) We moved to place where pinnacle has arranged couple of rooms for us. Some people thought of taking rest for sometime so they slept using their "carry mat". (carry mat - small mat that could be carried with you during trekking.) I immediately got fresh and started roaming in nearby area. Environment was very delightful and some cool breeze of air added special effect in it.... I like this kind of environment a lot.... as usual I was waiting for sunrise so that I can capture some nice pics. but because of fog, I didn't got proper sunrise. Still I have captured couple of sunrise pics.... during this time some volunteers had prepared of breakfast of jam bread and tea for us.... So we had breakfast session and got ready for activity of the day.

Rajesh sir gave us some information about activity of the day and we started walking towards to Murud jetty. I have been to Murud even before this also. I just like structure of this small village, especially very small old fashioned govt buildings like "session court", "Panchayat samiti building". So roaming through murud is nice experience...!!! Padmadurg is one of the sea fort built by Shivaji Maharaj. Its in arebian sea and is few kms (approx 3-5) from Murud jetty. Some people says you need to get permission from govt. to visit this fort (not sure what exactly club has done?). Also there are no ferry boats available to reach this fort. So you need to talk with some fishermen and have deal with them for reaching this fort. As soon as we reached murud jetty, we formed three batches for traveling through boat. Here one of the local leader helped us to get fishermen's boat for commuting to fort. I will refer to fishermen boat as "Indian traditional cruise".. he he he he ...... One by one we got into this small fishermen's boat and three boats started moving towards fort. Being small fishermen's boat, it was swinging as per wave and everyone used to shout loudly.... he he he he ..... I got involved in some photography. managing your won body balance in a boat and clicking pics... ah... not an easy job.. still I got some Good pics of fort from boat. around in 20 mins we reached fort.

We started seeing fort under guidance of trek leaders. Ajay sir gave us some historic info about this fort. One special thing I would like to mention, there is some structure at the entrance of this fort is like lotus (in marathi lotus is also called as "pdma" and fort is referred as "durg") hence name of this fort is Padmadurg. It not very big fort but I liked its structure. One thing I notice on this fort is, it has arrangement for cannons in 360 degree direction.... ah .... What a great strategy to protect fort from enemy attack..!!! We had some really good photo session on fort. [I have given link to all pics at end of post.]

After spending couple of hours on fort we came back to murud beach using same boats.
We spent some time on beach playing holly ball. Initially we formed four teams and two different matches started. but after sometime suddenly we started playing together with two balls... so four teams and two ball and anyone is hitting any ball....some mixed double holly ball... he he he he he .... don't know what we were doing but had lot of fun....!!! Enjoyed a lot..!!! by 12:30pm not just me but everyone was very very hungry...he he he he ... we moved back to our base camp.

Lunch was very testy...!!! I had lunch in first batch and by the time second batch had lunch, I enjoyed one small nap..... he he he he..... I was not feeling like waking up but as we had leave base camp, I woke up quickly.... :) We had small celebration for Vinod sir's birthday and started our journey back to Mumbai. While coming back we also visited birla temple at Salva. Environment in temple was very divine and serene. They didn't allowed any kind of photography in temple area so don't have any pics of this temple :( Now during our journey back to Mumbai, I got involved in Antakshari with other members. We enjoyed rapid fire round like anything.... oh my God..!!! people knows so many songs...great... The best part was even bapu sir got involved with us for sometime and he sang 3-4 songs. I had never heard whatever he sang... Those songs were too Good...!!! I forgot to record them :( ..... After crossing panvel, there was too much traffic near belapur for entering into city.... Finally we decided to get down their and catch train so that we will not get too late to reach home. So caught train from Belapur and finally reached home around 11:40pm....

yes.. so another Good day was finished. I was back to home but mentally I was still roaming in Murud around Padmadurg....... :)