Monday, March 21, 2011

Point Reyes

Its delightful spring, cool breeze making you shiver, some rain drizzles... temp around 9 degrees. Environment is just too Good.
ah... does these things giving you an idea of anything?... no??.... you can guess it yaar.... Yes, I am back in California for couple of months :)

It was my first weekend in California. me and Chandra sir didn't had any plan about weekend till Friday evening. Suddenly I just provoked Chandra lets rent a car for this weekend and we will go somewhere. We thought of so many places but you won't believe we finally fixed place at 11:30 on Friday night.... he he he he ..... Yes, finally we have decided to go to "Point Reyes". Its an eastern end of California which merges into Pacific ocean.
Its around 84 miles from Santa Clara.

On Saturday, around 6:30 am, we started and Chandra was driving dull in swing as per directions shown by gps. This time Balaji (Chandra's room mate) had also joined us. To be frank while sitting in car, I was excited and at the time were bit nervous. We always go for outing on bike, we always enjoy it and it suits to our pocket as well ;) As we traveled some distance this nervousness disappeared and we started enjoying this long drive.
In addition to such great environment, I started playing "Dil Chahata hai" songs on my laptop....

"....Dil Chahta Hai......

Hum Na Rahein Kabhi Yaaron Ke Bin.....
Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa...."

I felt as if this drive should never finish and we should keep moving....!!!

As we were driving I didn't realized when we cross San Fransisco and we started crossing "Golden-Gate" bridge. I think I have some relation with this bridge. Even last time when I was here, my first outing was "Golden-Gate" bridge and this time at least I am crossing it. Just became nostalgic and had flashback of my last time's visit to this bridge. Suddenly Chandra said "come on Sandy..!!! at least take some pictures of bridge and I came out of flashback ;) .... "

Slowly slowly we were moving aways from city... Greenery around us started increasing and after two hours of drive, reached "Point Reyes" visitor center. There are many thing (visit to light house, hiking, visiting beaches, bird watching.....) you can do at this place and its not possible to cover entire area in one day. After some thinking we thought that we will go to light house and will visit one of the beach. We had started early in the morning and haven't ate anything yet, so just opened tiff-in boxes we had got from home and had kind of breakfast. Again we started towards light house pick-up point.

We had to park our car at one place and from there one bus took us to the light house. Bus was going through hill area and there was greenery all around me. As I started approaching light-house, land area started becoming narrow from both sides and we were at one corner of California. This place is so beautiful that I don't have words to describe it. Felt like I am roaming in heaven. I just loved the silence and serenity of this place, it was so pure and calm. Silence has always one magic that I get introspect mood and thought that I should be at this kind of place, What am I doing in city?
soon I came out of it and started photography. I have got some really nice pics of this place [I have given link to pics is at the end of this blog].

After spending lot of time in roaming around light-house, we moved to one beach. Here sea water has come lot inside the land. Also hills over here have shapes as if someone have designed them. Water was very calm, almost no waves.... I felt as if its lake and not the part of sea. It also reminds me of lake shown in "last sequence of three idiots movie". It was very nice, I hope pics which I had taken will be able to show you this. In this area, one snake crossed me and I have captured him in my camera. Again after spending sometime here we moved to base camp where we had parked our car. By this time, It was already 3pm and we were very hungry. Just had "chicken-sandwich" at visitors park ;)

Just to cover hill area before sunset, we thought of starting early from there and started journey back to home around 4:30pm. While returning back I was feeling drowsy and almost half the journey I enjoyed sound sleep.... he he he he he .....

ah... in this way I had really nice time at "Point Reyes" and will require some time to come out of it ;)

"Dil Chahta Hai....

Kaisa Ajab Yeh Safar Hai, Socho To Har Ik Hi Bekhabar Hai...
Usko Jaana Kidhar Hai, Jo Waqt Aaye, Jaane Kya Dikhaaye..
Oh Oh Oh ...

Dil Chahta Hai .."




  1. Hey bro i enjoyed 'Point Rays' is very awesome from window of your camera !!!

  2. Sandy, it seems u r having gr8 time.......enjoy.....Hv fun....& ya pics r very nice....looking 4ward 4 ur next blog......

  3. hey.............bhai
    nice to see ur blog..............