Monday, April 18, 2011

San Francisco

I have visited San Francisco (SFO) so many times but this visit gave some new perspective towards life. Whenever I came to SFO, it used to be starting point for going to some place I wanted to visit but this time I had decided to roam on streets of SFO. I think this is the first time I am visiting to any city just to have experience of its street life. Street life of SFO was much more amazing than my imagination.

As usual me and Chandra started on our bike and reached SFO by cal-train. We have decided to roam around "Fisherman's wharf" on our bike. Entire foot path was crowded, I guess all people of California comes to SFO on weekend.... he he he ..... Some people are playing with their dogs, some are just roaming like us, Some are enjoying coffee and breakfast... on such lovely morning city has just started breathing..... I got some Good pics of the city.... (I have given link to pics at the end of this blog)

On weekend footpath at "pier 27" turns into farmers market. So many vendors comes here to sell their farm products, home made products. I was amazed by the variety of dry fruit products. So many things to buy, also they were nicely marketing their products. I was just roaming in this market. also if you get tired of shopping then there are so many options to eat as well. This reminds me of "khavu galli" concept we have in Mumbai. Chandra was bit hungry so we had "falafal" in this market. In the center of market, I saw statue of "Mahatma Gandhi" and felt very proud. What a man he was yaar..!!!
Not only in India but all over the world his work is getting appreciated. Yes, as a human being we should do some work which will keep us alive beyond the death..!!! ah... got lot of inspiration :)

I think street entertainment is most distinguishing aspect of SFO. Street entertainment is one the most purest form of entertainment, there is no flashing lights, no camera tricks, no safety net. Its just audience and performer. I was enchanted by a couple performing some juggling tricks near the market. They showed some good tricks, we enjoyed a lot. I had shoot video of their performance (video is at the end of this blog). After show was finished, people gave some money to them, even I gave two dollars to them. There were so many music bands on the road playing some kind of music. people were enjoying it and giving some money as per their wish. But I cannot forget one guitarist near "peir 39" who played "Hotel of California" songs... ah... what a marvelous performance it was....!!! he was continuously playing some music and also he had kept some of his won recordings for sell. what a unique way of launching and selling your product. he may be small musician and don't have money for promotion of his music but I liked his effort.

During this time one thread of thought just passed my mind that does this money is enough for them to make their bread and butter??? I don't think so..!! still these people are pursuing their hobby and enjoying it.... wow..!!!... at the same time one more thought came in my mind, are these people Happy??? Yes, I think so..!!! After every successful trick, Happiness on their face was sky-rocking... enjoying each moment they were making people to smile with their own smile.... The couple may have some kind of dream like one day they may have their own big show or other musician may have dream of becoming big performer in future... I think dreaming is starting of new beginning....!!! ah.... am I becoming too much philosophical??? probably yes but I liked their attitude towards life.... :)

My day was going Good with all these scintillating experiences. but street trip to SFO can not be complete without having some food at "Fisherman's wharf". I love the food over here especially "Fried shrimp". So we enjoyed "Fried Shrimp" and "Fried Fish" at crab station. ah... I still can still feel taste of it ;)

It was really great day where I could feel world around me. I think we always live in our own small world and get worried because of some small issues and all. but your world is really small and there is bigger world outside your world with so many things. So its necessary to take out some time and realize world outside your world. This may help us to create our small world in better way....!!! ...... he he he he .... I am again becoming philosophical..... better I should stop... :)