Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monterey and Caramel

Being in bay area and not going to any beach? doesn't sound Good... right?..... so thought of going to one of the very Good beaches like Monterey and Caramel. Early morning it was cloudy day but we were hoping that soon it will be sunny and started driving towards Monterey. Suddenly Its started raining heavily. Chandra sir was busy in driving and I was enjoying this atmosphere with music and biscuits.... he he he he... I think going on a long drive on rainy day is really Good idea. forget everything.... just relax and keep on moving.....!!! After some time rain intensity decreased a bit and We witnessed very beautiful rainbow... wow.. It was really beautiful view and I have tried to capture some nice pictures of it.

In Monterey there are lot of things to do like go to aquarium and some lazer beam game and all. but we preferred to roam around beach and do some photography. This reminds me of "Alibaug" outings with friends on rainy day. Once I am back surely need to go back to "Alibaug" with my gang. There are some whale watching tours where they take you in deep sea in boat and you can watch some whales. But this was canceled because of bad weather. One special thing about this beach is there is "deep sea diving" center. Just had a chat with one deep sea diver, he had went up to 50 feet deep in water but could go much deeper because of bad weather. wow... roaming under water...talking with fish.... really I think its an interesting activity..!!

Some time back, Monterey was capital of California. So this city has lot of historical importance. We can see lot of old fashioned buildings and all. There is one road where they have preserved all the old buildings. We can have walk on this road, Its really enjoyable walk tour. Even they have preserved first theater of California on this street. I think some similar tourism concept even we can develop in Mumbai because even in Mumbai, CST area has lot of historical buildings having really nice structures.

After having such a nice time at Monterey we moved to Caramel beach. ah..... This is again very beautiful beach. There were very very high height waves on this beach. When wave comes for a moment you may feel that tsunami is coming towards you.... he he he he ...... but very soon that wave strike sand and splits away.... he he he.... ah... What a relief..!!... I enjoyed this game with waves for long time. We wanted to wait till sunset on this beach but because of longer journey, we started back bit early.

Most of the time many people specially go out for watching "sunet". I have never heard anyone saying "We are going to watch Sunrise". When I go out, I try to enjoy sunrise as well but don't find many people with me. But you will find lot of people for enjoying sunset. This is reminds me of typical human mentality... If your Good and doing Good work then except some closed ones there will not be many people who will watch you or encourage you or will express that "Your doing Good work". But if some mistake happens from you or something goes wrong with you then yes there will be many people to watch you or criticize you.... he he he he.... ah.... It was just a perception guys, don't feel bored, but I think there is some point in this thought.... he he he he .......

In general, One Good thing about California is historical places, monument's, beaches are maintained and presented properly because of which tourism is well developed here and local people are getting some work and money. Back home, even my "Kokan" has really nice natural beauty, Its just that we need develop it more properly....If we do it then one day, my "Kokan" will also become California.....!!!

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