Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, one sentence description would be "heaven on earth". This valley is wonderful example of miraculous beauty of nature. Yosemite park is full of variety of different types of plants, waterfalls and ice at some higher elevation places. I have never been to Kashmir in India but whatever Kashmir I have seen in movies, I could correlate it with Yosemite valley. In addition to such superb natural beauty, continuously changing weather made this trip more exciting and memorable experience.

There are many ways to enter into this valley. Through the road which we had chosen, mighty "El Capitan" welcomed us. Its around 3600 feet tall granite cliff. Sun had just risen and this cliff's beauty was at different level. For initial 5 mins I couldn't believe what I was seeing..!!! I felt like I am in heaven and started searching for Apasara's around me.... he he he he .... I have tried to capture really nice pictures of this cliff. This cliff also open for rock climbing... ah.... being die-hard mountaineer, its dream to climb "El Capitan" one day.

Summer is about to start and there are many waterfalls flowing in this valley in full form. One of the reason may be because slowly ice at the top start melting. I guess "Bridalveil Falls" is one the tallest and biggest among them. Because of denser forest, couldn't go to much closer of this waterfall. But this "Yosemite waterfall" relieved me from this disappointment. One of the video at the end of this blog will give idea of this waterfall. weather was extremely Good and wanted to go for hiking on one of the trail in this park but because of time constraint we couldn't do it.

After "Yosemite waterfall" zigzag path around the hills lead me to very high position on hill and we reached "Tunnel View". This is a place from where you can see this entire valley at one glance. If you look at above picture properly then you can notice that on left side there is "El Capitan", on right side there is "Bridalveil Falls" and in between of these two there is denser red wood forest... ah.. What a view it was..!!! I have captured video of this for you guys ;)

Didn't wanted to move away from tunnel view but "Glacier Point" was calling me so started marching towards "Glacier Point". while driving through this road suddenly environment changed. It started raining and we couldn't see anything other than fog on the road. oh my God..!! couldn't believe that such a Good weather can become bad within half an hour. so while driving on this road, on left side there was ice hill, on right side very deep valley and fog in front of us. For a moment thought of moving back but my will to see glacier point gave me some courage and we continued. Really hats of to Chandra sir who droved very well even in this condition. I think one of the video at end of this blog should give you an idea of How terrible it was..!!!
Finally we reach at one point on way to glacier point but road after that was closed because of bad weather, so stopped there and spent some time in playing in ice. enjoyed a lot in ice..!!! There was no skiing facility here so missed it :(

After having such a nice time at Yosemite, with heavy heart started journey back to home in our car. wanderer inside me was convincing that "come on yaar...!!... move on, you will be out again in search of another amazing place..!!!" while listening to music and enjoying gentle cool breeze didn't realized when did I falls need to tell that in dream, I was back at tunnel view... he he he he .... ;)


El Capitan:

Yosemite waterfall:

Tunnel View:

Driving through fog in Yosemite:



  1. hey bro it is really heaven on earth...!
    n you with your camera are simply superb!
    thanx yaar....

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