Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, journey of wonder and an experience of lifetime...!!! I still remember in school while learning about all continents in the worlds in Geography, we had got small information about "Grand Canyon". I had never thought that one day I will be able visit this place. but I was fortunate and just before moving back to home from US we had trip to Grand Canyon.. Now this trip appears like a dream.... Thanks God...!!!

Grand Canyon is in Arizona state and its takes around 12 hours by road to reach there from California. We started our journey from California with full on enthusiasm.... Chandra sir, Naveen and Senthil were driving car one after another, As I was not having valid licence, I didn't got opportunity to drive :( I missed it. But I took it positively ;) he he he he..... I was just sleeping and enjoying nature around us..... he he he he ..... As we started moving away from California I observed that greenery started disappearing...crossing over...Vegas..Mojave... there was just miles and miles of barren land. Till now in California I had just seen prosperous and full on green part of US, but this was kind of desert part of US. during afternoon many times we had seen mirage effect on roads. I had captured it in my camera. This area was bit hot and very windy. We stopped at one point for some photographs but believe me it was so windy that even we were not able to stand properly. Quickly we completed some photo session and got into the car. So while eating chips, some discussions and listening to rocking songs.... we didn't realised How time passed and finally we reached Grand Canyon. I enjoyed some really Good tamil songs in this journey.... Even today sometimes I keep murmuring...Maarghazi Poove....Maarghazi Poove...

Grand Canyon National Park is very big (227 miles long, 18 miles wide) and its not possible to explore entire canyon in just 2 days so we just went to south rim of canyon. First day went pretty much in exploring Canyon. From "Yavapai point" I got first glimpse of Canyon and I was stunned, after that for couple of minutes I was standing like statue...he he he .... Everywhere there were different formation of rocks and it was very deep valley. exactly somewhere in middle of mighty canyon Colorado river is flowing. If someone falls down then there was no chance of getting saved. I could discover many things in these rocks shape. Especially many times I found them like apex design of our south Indian temples. It was like someone has taken lot of effort to make these shapes but it was natural.... just amazing...!!!

After taking repeated look at Canyon from "Mather Point" and "Hermit Trailhead" finally we decided to go down the canyon. We choose "Bright angel trail" its around 17 miles trail and goes from "Hermit Rests to Colorado river in middle of Canyon". We went around one mile down and then decided to come back because of time constraint. (One of the video at the end of this post will give you idea of this trail) But I met some people who had started last night, they walked entire night and completed this trail. We were not having any idea about this. If at all next time I am getting opportunity to come to Canyon, I will surely complete this trail. We saw many old age people walking on this trail.... hats off to them and their determination...!!! It was really getting more hotter and windy so after coming up from trail.. me and Chandra sir got refreshed with spring water and took some rest. After spending such a fantastic day at Canyon, sunset evening photo shoot at "Sunset crator valcano" was just perfect way to end the day...!!! (I have given link to all the pics at the end of this blog)

We started second day very early and reached "page" around 7:30am for attending half day "Colorado River Rafting". When we reached there we came to know it was full for the that day ride... :( :( :( still we didn't loose our hope and waited to know if there is any cancellation. One by one everyone came and they started boarding the bus which was going to take them to starting point of rafting. What will happen?... curiosity was stretched till last moment. slowly we had started loosing our hope of getting seat but God was with us and it was effect of our strong will to go to rafting... he he he ....At last moment chief of Rafting team said "Yes, there are six seat available. Please pay the fees and get into the bus"... Hurraahhhh...!! but this ecstasy was followed by agony that he rejected entry to our very Young worrier "Surya (Naveen's son)".. :( :(
But because of strong support from Naveen we four boarded the bus started for the rafting... After facing so many things we had got an entry for "Colorado River Rafting", so was really excited about it..!!!

Bus took us through very long tunnel which goes through Canyon wall and we reach at the starting point of rafting... Both sides there were very high canyon walls and in between Colorado river was flowing smoothly. after seeing all these things my mind started dancing.... boss.. real fun is going to begin now.... he he he he... We got settled into one motor raft boat. "Nick" a very humorous person was our raft guide. He was really nice person and with his eloquence he added great flavours to this raft tour. Each one of us gave small introduction about himself and our ride started. we were going smoothly through river and Nick was giving Good info about Canyon in his own comic style. It was really great feeling to ride through Colorado river in canyon. I felt like I am "Frodo" of "Lord of the rings"....he he he he he.... I could co-relate this rafting with one the sequence in that movie. Everything was going Good and suddenly Nick said "I am going to increase the speed now and because of wind water will come inside, Please move back...!!!" But I preferred to be at front and after that whatever has happened is just history, I just cant describe How much fun we had....!!! I faced all the waves, got completed wet and got out of the world Happiness..!!! Around after 4 hours raft tour was ended and with very heavy heart I got down from the boat.... he he he he.... (One the video at the end of this blog can give you idea of this raft tour)

After having such a wonderful time at "Grand Canyon", we headed for the "Vegas"... Vegas is totally different world and one night spent in that city, is one the best night I have ever spent in my life. I think we should not write anything about Vegas, at least once in a life just be there and feel it.... he he he he..

This Grand Canyon - Vegas trip was just the perfect end of my US trip. Sometimes I miss my all friends in California but life is very interesting and at one or other turn of life, I will surely meet them again.... :)

Please click on the following link to view all the pics