Monday, August 1, 2011

Waterfall Rappelling at Vihi

30th July added one more feather of thrill in my journey of adventurous life. I did waterfall Rappelling with OffBeat Sahydri group at Vihi (Vihi gaon -- Shahapur, Thane District). ah... Its was an out of world experinece..!!! Kudos to OffBeat Sahyadri team (Sunil, Rajas, Zeenat, Priti, Prashant) who took lot of effort in organising this event and enthusiasm of all mad guys made this event as grand success. Being member of Pinnacle club, rappelling is not a new activity for me but here tremendous force of water and slippery wall of waterfall introduced different level of challenge of while rappelling down...!!!

We started our journey from Dadar by bus around 6:15am and reached Vihi around 10:30am. Though I didn't had anyone from my group with me, I got new friends like Puru and Pranav. Software Engineer was common part among three of us and we got gelled very well. Throughout night it was raining heavily, so I was praying to God that please decrease the intensity of rain. Because if force of water in waterfall is beyond certain limit then event may get cancelled. But I guess God listened to me and rain intensity got decreased. It was just drizzling but no heavy showers. Vihi is very small village in Thane district. After reaching village within 10 mins of walk we reached waterfall. The path which we followed took us to the top of the waterfall. Entire rappelling setup was ready. We got short rappelling demo from Zeenat and it was told that event will happen as per registration serial numbers. So three of were almost in last batch. Now we were free to roam around till our turn comes. Being busy in activities, I haven't taken many pic's this time but I have given link to few pics at the end of the blog.

Initially we spent some time in small waterfall over there. Enjoyed a lot..!!! After sometime we thought of going down from other way and see the main waterfall though which we are going to rappel down. So we went all the way down and finally got glimpse of entire waterfall... oh... It was gigantic waterfall having approximate height of 120 feet. It was really beautiful waterfall. Get drenched in water and enjoy, it will be too much fun.... but we are going to rappel down through this waterfall... he he he he... boss, now this is time..!!! Till now I was feeling really excited for this event but now after looking at waterfall got stunned for sometime and felt tingling in stomach.... he he he he...... I could recollect in one of the movie Nana Patekar has said "Girna hai to jharane ki tarah giro, girate hua bhi khubsurat lago....." dekhate hai hum kitani khusurati se girate hai... he he he ..... (I mean lets see How beautifully we can rappel down this waterfall?) By this time rappelling of first batch was started and one by one candidates were getting rappelled down. We were seeing them. Some of them struggled a lot, got some rashes on knee and elbow. Very few rappelled really nicely and couple of them gave up after looking at the waterfall itself. ah... We were enjoying everything but I could see few tensed faces... after observing few candidates we started developing some strategy in mind for smooth rappelling. It was very clear that your tied by two ropes and two people (one from top and one from down) is supporting you. so nothing is going to happen. Your safe, You just have to balance yourself and come down... everyone knows this but still all have some kind of fear in mind... he he he he ...kya kare yaar... Dil to bachha hai ji...!!!

Finally around 5pm my turn came. Even though I am doing this for the first time, mentally I was very much prepared. I wear harness, hand gloves, helmet and got ready. I was standing on starting point. One of the volunteer was again explaining me all the techniques. My strategy was just watch for place of next foot step, maintain balance and handle water force with helmet, don't look up..!! I was repeating this in mind... Final moment came, I got attached to rope and was asked to start. I just took deep breath and started. In first step itself I realised that water is in great force and maintaining balance is going to be big challenge. step by step I got momentum, I was able to take water force properly but initial 15 feet distance was bit easy and everything went nicely.. slowly slowly as I was going down water force was increasing and wall was too much slippery... still with calm mind I managed everything properly till 25 feet.... alas...!!! I lost the balance.... ah... no issues, remained in that position for few seconds... I again got my position with help of knee. Now water was directly coming on entire body, I was not even able to see my foot step, not able to see anything... just water is falling on me... I increased my momentum and rappelled very quickly. Just before touching the bottom, I again lost my balance but at this point water force was very very high and couldn't get the position again so just slides remaining 10-15 feet. As soon as I reached bottom one of the volunteer helped to get out of water. ah.... I had fantastically fabulous feelings..!!! Huuuurrrrrahhhhh....!!!! Just felt bad because I couldn't complete it without loosing balance and fell couple of times but enjoyed a lot...!! It was different level thrill. I know I haven't done really Good work but you can see and decide How it is? I have added video at the end of this post. (Thanks a lot Pranav for this video.)

After having such a great day, even during back home journey our back seats team rocked in bus. Ravi, Aakash, Niraj, me and few other guys sang lot of songs... The best part was we also sang lot of serials title track songs... he he he he.... Ravi and Aakash were full on... they know almost all the songs... "Shaktimaan" title track was the best song of the evening....everyone enjoyed it like anything....he he he .....

I really liked and enjoyed this waterfall rappelling adventure... Many times question arises that why people want to do all these kind of mad activities??... Simple answer is because we enjoy it..!!! he he he... still I would like to mentioned answer of same question by George Mallory (First person to attempt Everest expedition) he says "What we get from this adventure is just sheer joy. And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for...!!!" ah... very true..!!!

Please click on the following link to view all the pics