Friday, October 21, 2011

ABVIMAS 3 - Kshitidhar Camp1 (15700 ft) Climbing

I think mountaineer's are like a free bird. Yes, Birds.....birds don't have any kind of limitations, they find their own path and keep on flying high and high in this blue sky. In same way mountaineer keep on going high and high on mountains finding their own paths, exploring new horizons and enjoying ultimate beauty around them.
One of the most favourite activity of any mountaineer is climbing very high altitude peak's in Himalayas and when its your first high altitude climbing, you have unmatchable excitement and enthusiasm. Yes, same thing I experienced during "Kshitidhar camp1 (15,700 ft)" climbing. One day at Bhakhartaj camp as a part of our learning process we had to go for "height gaining" activity in given period of time. So target was decided, we had to reach "Kshitidhar camp1" in four and half hours. Actual height of "Kshitidhar" peak is 17,200 ft but after considering number of climbers Jagat Sir thought managing these many peoples at summit will be bit difficult task and it will take lot of time. So our target was just limited to "Kshitidhar camp1". We were at "Bakhartaj camp" whose height is 10,700 ft and "Kshitidhar camp1 is at 15,700 ft, So our task was to climb around 5,000 tf in four and half hours. wow....!!!...Hey reader friend, your also feeling excited...right???

(Kshitidhar peak at a glance, Red continuous line shows path followed by our team to reach "Kshitidhar camp1" and dotted lines shows remaining distance to the peak's summit.)

On earlier day evening, Jagat sir gave us brief idea and some tips for "height gaining" activity. I always likes to listen to Jagat sir, he is such an inspirational person. I liked his mantra, he said, "While climbing, just take steps such that you don't run out of breath and be at your own pace". Believe me if you follow just this mantra properly then climbing will become really easy for you. after sir's lecture we got dry ration for next day's activity.
So the plan was everyone will get ready by 5:30am, finish breakfast by 6:00am. We had decided to start sharp at 6:00am and had to reach at the destination before 10:30am. If your at camp1 at 10:30am then fine, your task is completed. But even if its not completed, at 10:30am you may be anywhere on your path, you have to start descending down. Oh... God... We were excited at the same time bit under pressure to complete it. On that day at night we didn't spent much time after dinner and immediately went into sleeping bag as had to get at 4:30am next day.

(My instructor's distributing dry ration to us.)

As per plan we got up early, got ready and after finishing breakfast started our trek sharp at 6:00am. Our instructors were leading us. Climate was very very cold at that time. First we had to reach "beas kund" (origin of beas river) and from there we had decided to follow sharp ridge of Kshitidhar for our climbing. Initially it was dark but slowly sun started rising and got some relief from cold. Today we were going very very high so I was full on ready take lot of photographs. When sun rays falls on fresh snow it looks like gold and its an awesome scene. I captured golden "Hanuman Tibba" and made fantastic start of my photography session.

[Hanuman Tibba (19,200 ft):Looking Golden in early morning sun rays.]

While climbing everyone was moving at their own pace one after another like ant and broadly all the climbers got divided into three categories. Some guys were moving very fast with instructors and they were our star performers. then there was group of people climbing at moderate rate. I was in this group, climbing peacefully and enjoying nature around me with some nice clicks. Also I had Mahendran with me, so we were also talking on some Good topics. There was third group which was moving very slowly. Initially everyone was moving at Good rate but as we started gaining height, breathing started becoming bit difficult and some muscle pain well. But one famous saying by great mountaineer Premchand keep on motivating us... "Pahado me dard saha jata hai, kaha nahi jata....." (Whenever your in mountain, You should tolerate all the pain but should not talk about it.) After crossing "beas kund", Kshitidhar ridge was bit steep, you have to take each step properly. We were moving rhythmically... 1-2-1-2.... take some rest, eat something, drink water so that we don't get dehydrated. While taking rest at 14,000 ft surfaraz and and me did one funny "sholay" mimicry and everyone enjoyed it to fullest.... Slowly I started worried about completion of task but finally around 10:15am I reached at "Kshitidhar camp1". HHHHuuurrrrraaaaaaaaaahh...!!! I completed task within time. ah.... what a relief..!!! Ecstasy of summit of camp1 made me to forgot all the pain. Out of 80 around 50 climbers completed the task. Some people had to go back from half way.

(Myself at Kshitidhar camp1.)

When I reached "Kshitidhar camp1", I felt as if I am in heaven. It was really really beautiful view...!!! You look in any direction, you will just see beautiful mountains of different ranges of Himalayas. Because of fresh snow on the mountains I felt as if they were wrapped with white pashmina shawls having greener border at the bottom. Also on that green border there was designs of different Himalayas flowers. At some places glacier was melting and small waterfall was flowing.... This flowing water was looking like garland around mountain's neck. With all this make up, mountain was as good as beautiful woman and I was deeply immersed in its love......:)

After spending some time in photo session at "Kshitidhar camp1" we started descending down. I think descending is always difficult than climbing and chances of getting injured are very high so I descended slowly and carefully. While coming down I spent some time at "Beas Kund". It is origin of Beas river. I have seen Beas river since the time I entered in Manali and today I was seeing origin of it. Environment over there was truly divine. Ah.... so now I can say that I have seen origin of at least one river... ;)
We all descended down around 2pm and gathered one place. After successful climbing it was time to cheer...some relaxation. Now one by one peoples of each state gave one performance. Among all of them performance given Himachal guys on traditional Himachali song was awesome.... even our instructors got involved in it and everyone enjoyed it a lot...!!! [I have given video of it at end of blog.]

I also feel that mountaineer's are bit mad as well.... he he he he he..... Yes, they are bit mad....!!! Otherwise you just think why people take so much of risk, face so many challenges and go high on mountains??? They are mad because of they have some unique way of getting happiness, different way of realising God....... :)

"Dil chahta hai ki ek kam karadu....
Ye sari zindagi en pahado ke naam karadu....!!!"


Please click on the following picture to view all the pics


Kshitidhar Camp1 (15700 feet) Climbing:

Traditional Himachali Performance:



  1. Excellent job!
    May the Mountain Gods be always with you...
    All the best for future expeditions!

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