Sunday, November 6, 2011

ABVIMAS 4 - Flora Of Western Himalayas

Bakhartaj camping was enjoyable not only for mountaineering activities but also we got introduction to rich flora of western Himalayas. We came across lot of different flora while roaming in Solang Nala, Dhundi, Bakhartaj. Our instructors used to give us information about almost all the tree's and flowers. Also if that plant or flower is medicinal then they used to tell us its ayurvedic importance. While trekking with such a heavy bag it was not possible to click each and every flower but whenever it was possible I captured them. Among all the instructors, special thanks to Pyarelal sir, whom I used to disturb a lot for knowing names of different flowers. If we search on Internet we will get lots of information about Himalayas Flora but this is just an attempt to document flora which I had seen during my camping at western Himalayas.

Flora at higher altitude is completely different from what we see in Sahyadri range of Maharashtra. They are meant for that particular climatic conditions. If you try to cultivate any of himalayas flower in normal conditions of Maharashtra then they don't survive, One of my camp mate Amit had tried it. Nature has given us so much and we just have to enjoy and preserve it.

Each flower/plant has different colour, fragrance, different property which make them unique. But they have one common thing, they all flourish with their own qualities. They dance as per the flow of air, on the music of storm and rain.....Flower with beauty may not have great fragrance and vice versa.... I think even human life has same things..... When we are born, we cannot choose our religion, country, colour, richness of family..... Also we don't know if we are going to live for 100 years or 100 days.... Each one of us has different unique qualities... So just like flowers we just have to flourish in the life with what we have got and our qualities.... We don't have to keep worrying about things which we don't have.... I think in this era of great scientific innovation, we need to get back to basics, somewhere we have lost it..... Some simple laws of nature just enough for beautiful and peaceful life.... I guess, I am getting philosophical.... he he he he he ..... So I know names of some flowers/plants, adding their information directly in blog but there are lot of flower whose names I don't know, clubbing them at the end of post. I hope you guys will enjoy this...!!!

[Himalayan Soar: These leaves have lot of water content. So while climbing if your running out water then you can look for this and eat its leaves.]

[Bhoj Patra: In old days bark of this tree was used for writing. Now days its used in religious purpose.]

[Bhoot Keshi]

[Wild Cherry: We can eat this during trekking.]

[Touch me not]

[Anapliz Busuva]



[Milk Thisal]



[Willow Bushes]

[Wax Flower]

Please click on the following picture to view all the unknown flowers



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