Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ticket.....Ticket Please??

"Radha, would you like to have sandwich for breakfast?"
"Yeah, sure."

"How about coffee as well?"
"oh, why not?"

"Its beautiful Sunday morning. Chillness in air is not allowing me to come out of bed and my loving hubby is asking me for breakfast and coffee. Am I still in dream?"
"Come on Radha, I do sometimes prepare breakfast for you?".....Krishna spoke in little disappointing tone and moved out of bedroom.

"oh....yeah...I mean...yes...Many times you do prepare breakfast for me"....Radha followed Krishna in Kitchen.
Krishna didn't reacted and showed as if he is busy in making sandwich.

"I am going to get breakfast and coffee. that means someone wants to confess something or want to convince me for something".....Radha continued in her naughty tone.
This time Krishna smiled.

"ah.....someone smiled. That means I am correct"...Radha laughed naughtily.
"Hey, yes...I am going to tell something but rather than confession its kind of funny story."

"ah.....I caught you...story or confession???.....I will decide"......Radha took sandwiches and moved to hall.
Krishna followed her with Coffee.

"So start sir"....Radha said while gulping sandwich bite.
"Yeah....Do you remember? Last month I went to Agra for Anand's marriage?"

"Lot of fun happened in that journey....."


I was sitting in Rajdhani and busy in reading novel. We were somewhere around Baroda and I heard someone is saying, "Ticket....Ticket Please??"
I realized Ticket checker(TC) is standing next to me. I kept novel aside showed him ticket.

"ID proof, please?"
I checked my wallet but realized that my PAN card is not there. I remembered that I had it taken out for xerox in office and forgot there itself.

"Sorry Sir, I forgot my PAN card."
"Any other ID proof?"

"No sir."
"Oh...Mr. Krishna...without ID proof means your as good as without ticket. Now you have to pay fine 1.5 times of your ticket money."

"Please sir, try to understand."
"I can't keep on understanding everybody. Please don't follow me and we will meet on Delhi station for collecting fine."

I tried to convince him but he was showing attitude so I came to my place and started reading novel again.

"What is this Krishna? See, because of your negligence you ended up paying fine. thats why I could see in last month's budget, you had spent some extra money. You will never improve....".....Radha started in full swing.
"Please please....listen to me"....Krisha was trying to calm down Radha.

"I didn't paid fine."
"How did he left you?"

"Don't know why but after half and hour, TC came to me and said....Please be careful next time and smiled. Also since it was Rajdhani, it was stopping only at four places and TC came only once."
"Great. Thank God"....Radha replied in relaxed voice.

"But real fun was in return journey."
"oh..yeah...How did you managed ID proof in return journey?"


Once I was done with Anand's marriage, I went to Agra police station. Filed a complained for lost wallet and got complain paper with me.

"Why?...You had wallet, still?"
"Wait dear, will tell you everything."

while coming back I caught train for Mumbai directly from Agra around 8 am and it was waiting at many stops so many TC's were expected.
First TC came in somewhere around 11 am. As usual I was busy in reading novel.

"Ticket....Ticket Please??"
I realized that TC has came, I showed him ticket.

"ID proof, please?"
"Sorry Sir, I had lost my wallet in Agra and lost my PAN card as well. So I dont have any ID proof. see, this my complain paper."

"No, This paper means nothing to me. You have to pay fine"....TC started in full form.
"But What can I do if my wallet is lost?"

"Don't tell me anything"....TC started replying rudely But thank God people around me jumped in.

"Baccha bol raha hai, uska wallet kho gaya....usake pass complain paper hai.....lekin fir bhi aap argue kar rahe ho?"....aunt next to me started.
"Yes, Please don't pay anything. Nothing will happen"....another uncle roared.

Slowly I realized that entire compartment was with me and Finally TC went away.


Train was moving slowly. Everyone had lunch at 1:30 pm and people in compartment started taking nap. I went to rest room and was again coming in and suddenly I saw TC at another end of compartment. I wanted to read novel but instead just hurriedly came to my place and slept on my lower birth. I was not feeling sleepy but still kept my eyes closed.

TC came to my place and asked, "Ticket...Ticket please?"
"Excuse me sir....don't you see, I am taking rest?"....I talked irritatedly, as if I was in deep sleep.

"I am sorry sir"....TC felt ashamed and moved to next compartment.

Radha was laughing like anything....."What happened next?"

"Next what?".....I continued that drama for 15 mins and once he went far away, again I started reading my novel.

But that train was really pathetic and around 5pm one more TC came in.
"Then? What you did?"...Radha asked excitedly.

I was totally lost in my novel and when I realized that TC is in, he was standing just next to me....."Ticket...Ticket please?"
I acted as if I haven't seen him and got up, "oh sir, I want to go to restroom."

"You have ticket...right?"

"ID proof as well?"
"yes...Yes...".... I started walking while talking.

"oh, no please go ahead"...TC said.
I moved to restroom and relaxed there for 20 minutes. I thanked God and gave lot of blessings to that old age TC.

"Krishna, you cheater...."....Radha said while this time Radha had gone mad of laughing.
"Control Madam, Story doesn't end because still one night journey was pending".....Krishna continued....


After dinner almost everyone in my compartment went to bed and light was switched off. But I was not feeling sleepy so I came in common passage. I opened door and started reading novel under light of common passage. Because of open door cool breeze was coming in and I got lost in my novel.

Around 12:15 am suddenly I realized someone has kept hand on my shoulder. I turned back, He was TC. I got little nervous. But you know, "what he did?"
he closed the door and said, "Sir, Are not feeling sleepy?"
"No"...I said.

"Ok...but please don't open the door. Good Night"...he went away.
I felt relaxed and again started reading.

I went to bed around 1 am but woke up again at 4am.

When I came out, I saw it was Khandwa station. I thought of having tea. So got down and started walking towards tea stall. I had taken 10 to 20 steps.
But just before tea stall, there was one small room. one TC came out and started walking towards my direction. I don't know whether he was coming towards me or not but I canceled my tea plan. came back and went to bed again and woke only after train came to Mumbai.


Radha was laughing like anything....."...TC....police station.....Krishna, What a memorable journey..!!!"
"Yeah..It was very funny. I got saved repeatedly".

After laughing a lot, Radha suddenly became serious. "So you forgot PAN card in office itself? I packed everything properly. I just forgot to ask you about your journey ticket and I am hearing this. I do everything for you. but I missed one thing and this. You deserve punishment."
Radha said this and got up to catch Krishna.

Krishna ran and went behind sofa, "I entertained you so much and you want to hit me."
"Yes, because you forgot PAN card...What if you had to pay fine?"

"But I haven't paid any fine"....Krishna was laughing loudly.
"See, still your not serious"......Radha ran behind sofa while laughing loudly.

Krishna ran to bedroom and Radha was behind him.....


Saturday, December 15, 2012


11th April 2012 was written in golden words in the history of "Shivaji ground". Ground was full of mountain lovers from all over the country. Entire ground was filled with mixed emotions of grief and excitement. Newly built "Krishna Bhosale climbing wall" was standing in pride. It was decorated with garlands of different flowers. Ribbon was tide to the gates of climbing wall. All the climbers and trekkers were excited to climb on this new wall. Next to gate of climbing wall there was small stage with couple of chief guests and everyone was very attentive to whatever was going on the stage.

Pramod sir, chief of "Mumbai Mountaineering Association" was giving introduction of chief guests.

"We are lucky to have Prathmesh sir, one of the best mountaineer in this country as our chief guest. I would like to call him to inaugurate climbing wall. Lets give him big round of applause."

Crowd started clapping like mad.

Prathmesh sir was looking bit dull since starting of the function. He was fully immersed in his storm of thoughts.
He got up from his chair with heavy heart and started walking towards climbing wall gates......


"Pallavi, Please give me TV remote control"...Prathmesh tried to snatch remove control from Pallavi.
"Come on Janu, I don't want to see discovery now. Please let me see this serial"...Pallavi tried to convince her husband in her usual style.

"Hey, They are going to telecast Krishna's interview now".
"Krishna's interview.....!!!...Oh, you should have told me earlier".....Pallavi quickly switched channel.

"Good Evening everybody, We are going to talk very special guest today. Please welcome one and only Krishna Bhosale"....Amol, host of the show started interview with big bang.
Krishna waved his hand with his usual big smile.

"Krishna..!!! One of the renowned mountaineer, writer, photographer.....I am getting breathless while counting your list....I want to know what is secret of your success?"
"Well....There is nothing like secret or something...Just believe in your dreams and work for achieving them....Believe in yourself...!!!"

"Sir, you come in special category of people who have climbed all the 14 peaks of 8000+ Meters. How do you feel?"
"I feel Happy about it. Also I believe that we don't climb mountains, its mountains which decides that whether we should climb them or not. Its they who bestow their blessing on us. So I am Happy that Mountain God finds me eligible for his love."

Amol was asking various questions to Krishna and Krishna was answering humorously.


Prathmesh did coconut breaking ceremony and opened ribbon on climbing wall gates. Everyone clapped once again.

"Sir, please climb one route"......Pramod insisted Prathmesh.
"Yes sir....please please"
"Please sir....please".......everyone insisted Prathmesh.

Crowds excitement reached to peak.....Prathmesh started climbing.

As he was moving up....He felt that somewhere on top of wall Krishna was sitting with big smile.
His eyes filled with water, He increased his climbing speed and reached top. Krishna was not there, He realized that it was his imagination....


Interview was going nicely.

"Krishna sir, I have heard that whenever your on expedition, you turn around your group into small orchestra. You sing many song. Can you sing one song for us?"
"Actually after climbing for entire day some singing or playing at night in camp help us to feel refreshed. We sing many songs but my group like one song very much, I will sing that....."

chappa chappa charkha chale, chappa chappa charkha chale
hey chappa chappa charkha chale, chappa chappa charkha chale
auni bauni aariyan teree, bauni bauni beriyon tale
chappa chappa charkha chale, hoy chappa chappa charkha chale....

Krishna was sining and dancing.....Looking at him, Host of the show Amol also started dancing....Everyone was enjoying to the fullest.

"Sir, one last question for you."
"Yah, sure."

"Being an adventure freak, you take lot of risk in your life. Aren't you afraid of death?"

Krishna smiled...."Not just adventure but there is different kind of risk in everything you do in life. Also there is end for everything in this world. Even sun which rises in morning, has to set in the evening. New beginning and end is nature's rule. So we are not going be in this world forever, some or other day everyone has to die. Whatever you may do, don't think about risk and all, just keep on enjoying your life. About myself, I would say, I would be lucky if I would get death in some expedition on Himalaya. Its like going in deep sleep with mother Himalaya."


Climbing wall inauguration was done and everyone was excited to listen to Prathmesh sir.

During last six months somehow Prathmesh had managed to handle himself but since morning he found himself in different world.

"Now I would like call Prathmesh sir to talk with us. First he will express his feelings and then we will have question-answer session with him where he will answer some of your questions and guide you"...Pramod sir announced this and moved away from mike.

Crowd burst into clapping.

Prathmesh got up from his chair and started moving towards mike.....


IMF(Indian Mountaineering foundation) had chosen Krishna and Prathmesh for K2 expedition. This expedition was planned by government as part of Indo-Pak friendship program. Krishna had already successfully climbed K2(8611 M) which is one of the toughest technical mountain in the world. So he was appointed as leader of that expedition.

Expedition was going on very well and they were somewhere around 8000M. But this area was little avalanche prone area. Krishna choose camping site properly and they pitched their summit camp. They had decided next day, that was 26th November 2011 as summit attempt day.

"So I will open route and anchor rope, then everyone can have summit attempt".....Krishna was talking and explaining everything to team.
"Krishna, I will also join you for opening route"....Prathmesh said.

"No Prathmesh, You looked little tired."
"Don't be emotional Krishna, your working like anything since last three days."

"Prathmesh, don't be too much practical. I can manage. This area is very much avalanche prone and I cant take risk with you."
"Yah but weather is going to be really Good tomorrow."

"Prathmesh, I agree....but I will open the route".

Krishna again had team meeting around 2 am and started moving with rope for opening route.
Slowly Krishna moved far away.

Weather was Good but no one can go beyond nature and suddenly avalanche came and Krishna got disappeared.

Krishna went into deep sleep on 26th November 2011.


Prathmesh was standing in front of mike, somehow he managed to come out of his storm of thoughts and started talking.

"Hello friends, I thanks to Mumbai Mountaineering Association for bulding Krishna Bhosale climbing wall in memory of great Mountaineer Krishna on his birthday. Though Krishna is not with us, but he will always remain in our heart through his writings, photographs and thoughts. I am really small person to talk about him."

Prathmesh's eyes were full of water. his throat had became heavy, he was not able to talk. For a minute there was pin drop silence on the ground.

He managed to control himself and started talking again, "More than mountaineer, Krishna was great human being. May his soul REST IN PEACE..........


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day out in Agra

Agra, one of the most important historic city in India or one can say city of Tomb. While roaming in this city you starts feeling glory of mughal period and can easily get lost in this world. You get astonished after seeing giant statue like Tajmahal.

What kind of engineering techniques might have been used at that time? How creative our ancestors were?......So many questions will arise in mind but answer is very simple don’t think too much and just enjoy this beauty :)

Let's have have photographic tour of this city.

[Badhai: Agra's one the most famous breakfast. Its very tastey ;) ]

[This water tank is more than 150 years old and still getting used for supplying water to city.]

[Tomb of Mariam Zamani: Jodhabai was one of the queen of Akbar. Salim(Jahangir) was her Son. Akbar gave her title as Mariam Zamani means compassionate to the world.]

[Sikandara: This is Akbar's tomb. He was one the great Mughal king who founded empire which extended from Kabul to Assam and Kashmir to Ahmednagar. He was also great builder and raised series forts and beautiful structures in empire. ]

[The Chini ka Rauzah: Tomb of Shukrullah. He was vazir of Shah Jehan. Its called Chini ka Rauzah because of its glazed tile decoration.]

[Tomb of Itimad-ud-daulah: This is tomb of Mirza Ghiyas Beg and his wife Asmat Begum. He had got title of Itimad-ud-daulah means The lord of Treasurer. His daugher Nur Jahan built this tomb after his death.]

[Agra fort: The most important fort of India. The great mughals - Babar, Humayun, Akbar, jahangir, Shah Jehan and Aurangzeb lived here and country was governed from here. ]

[Tajmahal: This is one of the most beautiful structure in India and its included in world's seven wonder. It was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jehan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal.]

[Buland Darwaja: It means great gate. It was build by Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri. This gate is memorial of Akbar's victory over Gujrat.]

[Jodhabai Mahal: This is one of the most magnificent palace build by Akbar for his wife Jodhabai at Fatehpur Sikri.]

[This square is a place in Jodhabai's palace where Tansen used to sit and sing. This is place where Tansen had done all the magic through his singing.]



Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bungee Jumping at Rishikesh (83 M)

Bungee jumping is an adventure sport which involves jumping from tall structure with the help of elastic cord. Being an adventure freak, I have seen many bungee jumping videos, read lot about it and wanted to do it. Finally visit to Rishikesh gave me opportunity feel this adrenaline rush.

[After jump with certificates: left to right => Vijay, Prashant and Myself.]

I was staying in jungle camp near river Ganga. It was usual beautiful morning in Rishikesh.

"Sir, Please wake up. You have to go for Bungee jumping today"....Rahul who was care taker of that camp called me and opened curtains of my tent. I peeped out while being on bed itself.

Ganga maiya (maiya means mother) was flowing with divine calmness. Early mornings sun rays falling on that white water were giving feel like its flow of Perls.
I got out of my bed, prayed Ganga maiya and started getting fresh.

"Sir, would you like to have aloo-paratha for breakfast?"...Rahul asked.
"No...just give me bread and tea."

"Sir, are you afraid of jump?"
"No, just want something light. If stomach is too much full, I won't be comfortable while jumping."

We both laughed.

After light breakfast, I reached Bungee jumping site. I was confident about myself but little nervous. Prashant and Vijay from Bangalore were other team mates in my batch, after some chit-chat we became quite friendly and started boosting each other for jump.

First Prashant jumped, then Vijay jumped. Both performed very well. I was waiting for my turn and suddenly I heard, "Sandy, please move ahead to jumping base."
I felt as if lightning has passed through my body and started walking toward jumping base. Bungee jumping expert Maria and her helper welcomed me. I wore harness, they tied my legs and Maria was explaining me How should I jump? I heard everything with concentration.

"So Sandy, are you ready?"......Maria asked with big smile.
I drank couple of sips of water and said, "Yes".

She attached me to elastic rope and slowly I started walking towards edge of jumping base. Finally jumping moment came. I was standing on just toes, as usual I remembered all my loved ones and jumped as if I am diving in swimming pool. I think it was free fall of just 6/7 seconds. I was coming down as if stone is thrown from top. All senses became alive while fighting with up thrust of air. In addition to that as soon as free fall finished, because of elastic rope, I started bouncing up-down like ball, Enjoyed it a lot. Once bouncing was finished, helper on the bank of the river gave me one big stick and I came down. It was great fun and experience of life time.

When I came down, Vijay and Prashant were waiting for me. We congratulated each other for successful jump and left the place with ride along the Ganga.


Please check following video of this jump:


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flora of Garhwal Himalaya

This is small document of flowers which I found in Garhwal Himalaya during Roopkund Trek. My guide gave me their names. Most of the names are local names as per his knowledge so if you know their botanical name or any other information about them then please add it as a comment to this post. Enjoy....!!!

[Don't know name of this beautiful flower but I found it like cobra with it's hood expanded, so calling it as Nagina.]




                                  [Bhuvara from another angel.]

                                  [Green Purple]



                                  [Pahadi Purple]

                                         [van Gulab]

                                 [Blue Sangama]

                                 [Kukadi Makadi]




                       [Unidentified, but it was all over Ali Bugyal.]




Sunday, October 21, 2012

Roopkund Trek (15,500 ft)

Roopkund Trek - 49 hours of madness..!!!

Roopkund is mystery lake at the height of 15,500 ft and this is one of the most scenic, mysterious trek in Garhwal himalaya. We get to see some human skeleton around this lake. Whose skeleton is this? What is the story behind it?

                                  [Myself at Roopkund]

49 hours of madness, mystery, skeleton and in addition to that above picture, I know your mind is bouncing up and down thinking what is this place?

Without stretching your excitement much, Lets begin the journey....

My base camp was at Lohajung (8,600 ft). Kundan Singh one of the most experienced and informative person was my guide. The most humble and helpful person Narendra was my trek manager and he was responsible for arranging camp and food as per our plan. Myself and Kundan packed our sacks with required things and started trek around 8:40 am on 30 September with full of energy and enthusiasm. I was really excited to meet my mountain God once again. We started talking with each other, just to get comfortableness with each other.

"Kundan ji, why this place is called as lohajung?"
He gave really interesting answer. He said, "Its believed that Godess Durga had killed demon loha at this place that's why its called as lohajung."

Our target was to reach Didina before lunch. We followed road that lead to Wan till kulling village. It was easy walk of 6 km and kind of warm up for getting ready for further difficulties. Kulling is very small village with few houses and people over here uses this stepped hill land for agriculture purpose. They take crop of "ramdana" and "Rajma". Each field has its own colour because of crop, so all together it looked like chess board.

                         [Kulling village with ramdana and rajma fields.]

We picked up one of trail in kulling and started descending down. It was really nice experience to walk in ramdana fields. I was following Kundan but little upset as we were loosing altitude and I was aware that this means once we reach down we have to climb another valley. After fully descending down that trail we reached at the bottom of valley and I got first glimpse of Neel Ganga river. I felt serene in this river. I drank lot of water and spent some time in water.
Kundan mentioned that its called Neel Ganga because its water is bluish in colour. Little greener land on the bank of bank of this river over here is known as Raung Bagad.

                         [Neel Ganga River.]

We crossed Neel Ganaga and started ascending for Didina. It was not much difficult climb but because of heat we were sweating a lot. I was climbing and enjoying myself while taking some photos. Whenever I used to take photo it was break of 10-15 seconds from climbing but that itself was enough for catching my breath. Finally around 12:15 pm we reached Didina. Here Narendra had arranged lunch for us in one home. We just went there became fresh and had lunch.


We took rest for 15 mins after having lunch at Didina and started further trek. Now our next target was Ali Bugyal which is around at the height of 11,000 ft.
We had to cross Tolpani forest on the way.

"We need to reach at Ali Bugyal well in time, else if weather gets bad we will be in trouble"...Kundan warned me in nice words.
"Yes Kundanji, lets start.."...I replied him with smile and we started our climb.

Tolpani is very dense forest of oak tree's and climb is also very steep and strenuous. It was kind of hot afternoon but we didn't felt much because of dense forest. Oak tree's in this forest are very very old. For the first time in Himalaya I was going through such a dense forest. Trail through forest was full of brown leaves which was giving feeling of walking over brown carpet.

                         [Tolpani Forest, you can see How old tree's are.]

It was almost 5:45 pm in the evening I was completely tired because of strenuous climb of Tolpani and suddenly I entered into totally different world. Jungle finished and there was miles of green carpet in front of me. It was drizzling a bit but I was not bothered. God welcome me into meadow with rainbow. Whatever I was seeing was out of the world. First time in India, I was seeing such big meadow and that too at 11,000 ft. I had entered into the heaven but instead of apsara's Kundan was with me.

Kundan said, "You are lucky, weather is Good today."
"Yes, I am lucky. God gave me opportunity to see this, feel this."

It was totally mesmerizing view. Sun was about to set. It was great play of sun rays, clouds and mountains. Some part of mountains was covered with clouds and sun rays were struggling to reach down, where as meadow and some mountains were looking golden because of sun set rays. I knelt down and felt that grass. dew drops on the grass were shining like Perl. I tried to collect them for someone special but couldn't get them. So I closed eyes and gave from there itself. All the snow capped mountains were looking Gold. I spent lot of time while crossing this Ali Bugyal enjoying this heavenly beauty.

                         [Rainbow welcomed me into Ali Bugyal.]

 [Look at nature's play. Cloud had blocked sun from all the direction but some rays able to crack it which created such a beautiful scene.]

                         [Myself at Ali Bugyal.]

                         [Golden snow capped mountains.]

Slowly we crossed this Ali bugyal and reached to Bedni Bugyal camp(11,500ft) around 7:30 pm. Narendra had already arranged my tent and cook was waiting for me with hot cup of tea. I was completely tired after climb of 10 hours and 45 mins. Also I had gained more than 3500 ft today. I went into my tent and jumped into sleeping bag to get rid of cold. I was resting and cook came with soup. I found him like a God. It was much required thing for me at that time. After dinner I wanted to sleep immediately but it was full moon night and that full moon pulled me out of sleeping bag. I came out of tent and spent some time enjoying that twilight period.

Full moon makes me really mad and I got lost with someone special. I imagined How about sitting on one of this cloud and roaming around these mountains in such a romantic full moon night. How wonderful it will be...!!!

I was totally lost in my world and suddenly I realized Kundan is calling me.

"Sir, lets plan for tomorrow."
"Sir, tomorrow is going to be very hectic and crucial day. We need to cover lot of distance, gain height, complete summit and came back to this camp. Lets start at 4am."
"Yes, no problem."
"Sir, Are you fit? Your showing lot of courage."
"I am absolutely fine. Dont worry."

We moved into our sleeping bags, I immediately felt asleep and got lost in dreams with full moon.


We woke up around 3:45 am in the morning. I got fresh and packed my sack, meantime Kundan got me tea from Kitchen tent. We started our trek around 4:30 am. Now next target was Bhagwabasa which is at the height of 14,500 ft. It was still night but no torch was required becasue of full moon and we were enjoying moonlight walk. we crossed Bedni kund and started for Ghora Lotani pass. Its called Ghora Lotani because horses don't go beyond that point. Around 7 am we reach Ghora Lotani and by that time sunrise had started.

Horizon was getting filled with sun rays. But even moon light was not giving up. It was fight between sun rays and moonlight. During initial period of sunrise it was great experience to observe this fight.

[Bedni Kund from Ghora Lotani. I hope your able to see fight between moonlight and sun rays. Bedni kund is origin of Neel Ganga River.]

                          [Mountains at sunrise.]

Slowly sun rays conquered over moon light and entire horizon got filled with sun rays.

                         [Sun rays filling all the valley.]

We started moving from Gohra Lautani to Patal Nachauni which is at around 13,000 ft. I was enjoying early morning sun rays and walking bit fast so we reached Patal Nachauni around 7:45 am. we took some rest over there and ate some biscuits.

I was bit surprised with name so asked Kundan, "why this place is called Patal Nachauni?"

He said, "Its related to story of king Yashodhan. Once upon a time there was King Yashodhan. Every year king Yashodan used to go to Homkund for pooja. while going over there in one of the year he had camped at this place. As a king he had habit of watching dance of beautiful ladies. So while camping over here he was doing the same activity which affected divinity of this place. Because of this Godess Durga got angried and mountain got split, all the beautiful ladies got buried under mountain that’s why its Patal Nachauni."

"What happened to king? What is the further story?"....I was eager to know story.
"I will tell you further story at Roopkund after summit, lets move now"...Kundan replied.

[Patal Nachauni, you can see that place where mountain was split. ]

We picked up our sack and started climbing. Now next target was Kalu Vinayak which is at the height of 14,500 ft. This climb was really really stiff and also high altitude was playing its effect. I had not given enough time for my body to get acclimatized but still I was able to manage that climb.

Kundan was asking me at regular intervals, "Are you fine sir?"
"Yes, I am"...I used to reply in relaxed tone.

Finally around 9 am we reached at "Kalu Vinayak" and Kundan performed pooja for summit.

                          [Kalu Vinayak.]

We walked towards our camp at Bhagwabasa. We reached in camp around 9:30 am. Narendra had already arranged breakfast for us over here. We had breakfast and got ready for summit. We kept our sack at camp. Just took some dry ration in small sack and started for summit attempt around 10 am. Now target was Roopund summit at 15,500 ft.

After some initial climb, difficult rocky terrain started. Some times I was running out of breath. Kundan was looking at me at regular intervals, confirming I am fine. Climb was little difficult and my body was completely tired because of continuous hard work but mentally I was totally determined that was my real power. after crossing 15,000 ft it become more difficult but I was just concentrating on my climb. I remembered all my loved ones and started moving further. Finally after hard work of 2 hours we reached Roopkund at 12:15 pm.

"Yes, I have done it"....I was extremely happy.

There was little water in lake and I could see human skeleton around it. I also saw some long hairs, some leather floater.

"Kundan, from where all these things came? whose skeleton is this?"

He smiled and said now I can tell you further story, "So King Yashodhan further came till here from patal Nauchani. But when he was passing through this place avalanche(storm of snow) came. Half of his soldiers got buried under snow. No one knows what happened to king. But you know over the period of time mountain changes, so mountain got changed and some of the buried bodies got exposed. Slowly those bodies disintegrated and now only skeletons can be seen. These leather floaters are of those people. Still lot of things are buried under this mountain."

                          [Skeleton's at Roopkund.]

I was Happy because finally mystery was opened.
I took some photographs. We though of going to Junar Gali which is at the height of 16,000 ft, highest point of this mountain. We slowly climbed Junar gali through ice and reached over there around 1:15 pm. We could see lot of mountains like Trishul, Nanda gomati from there. It was really great view. I felt it, stored it into my heart. Enjoyed the divinity of that place.

[Myself at Junar Gali. Small Trishul on right side is indication of Junar Gali and at the back you can see mighty mountain Trishul. ]

Ecstasy of summit, rejuvenated me. All the tiredness ran away. I felt as if just now I have started the trek. We descended very fast and reached Bhagwabasa camp around 2:15 pm. Cook were waiting for us with nice lunch. Everyone was Happy because of our summit. After lunch we took little rest and started descending down for Bedni camp around 4:30 pm. On way back I spotted Tarad (Animal found in Garhwal Himalaya.)


We reached Ghora Lotani around 6 pm, by that time it was completely dark and still lot of distance was supposed to be covered. Kundan mentioned that moon wont come out early because of mountain. I decided to take experience of night trekking in Himalaya and not to switch on torch. Kundan agreed and we kept on walking without torch. I was just able to see his white shoes from behind and I was following him. Around 7:45 pm, we reached bedani camp and cook were really Happy.

He said, "Sir, you did it...!!!"
"Yes, I did it."

I was really happy but completely tired. Today I had climbed for 15 hours and 15 mins. I had climbed from 11,500 ft to 16,000 ft and descended the same. I am not able to express my feelings. I was sipping hot tea in my tent and was completely emotional because of my achievement. After dinner, sleeping bag was looking like bed of flowers for me and went to sleep immediately.


Next day morning we woke at 5:45 am. I had Maggie and tea. We started descending down to wan around 6:30 am. We reached wan around 9 am. Narendra was waiting over there to welcome us.

He said, "I am feeling really nice to meet person like you. you completed 5 days trek in just 48 hours."

I was really Happy because of whatever I had done. I just smiled and thanked him for all his service.

We got into one car and reached Lohajung around 9:45 am.
Finally kundan said, "Sir, hats off to your courage. nice to see trekker like you. I found you like my fellow trekker."

I was completely emotional because of my achievement and just thanked him. I would just say this journey as "49 hours of madness..!!!" I wanted to test body against acclimatization and its capacity of hard work. It was very severe test but I survived successfully and nothing went wrong.

I always believe that its mountain which decides whether we should climb them or not. Whatever I did was because of grace Mountain God. I thank God for everything and started my return journey with memories of life time...!!!



Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why did we grow up?

"Krishna, This is not expected from you. How can you do this?"....Krishna's Manager was scolding Krishna like anything.
He didn't even gave opportunity to Krishna to explain his point.

Krishna, an extremely sincere CA was working with "Lakhani and Lakhani" Mumbai. But it was not his day, while Auditing one of the client's account he had done small mistake in settlement report for one of the day. Krishna came to his desk, he was very nervous. he kept his cell phone on the desk and started checking his emails.

"Forget it. Sometimes it happens.....Take a chill pill Man...!!!"...Krishna's colleague, Ravi was trying to cheer up Krishna.

Suddenly Krishna's cell phone rang..."tring tring tring tring......"

"Hello..."......Krishna picked up cell.
"Hello, Is this Krishna?"....person on the other side asked.

"Yah, whose this?"
"This is Mahesh, I am calling from Ganesh Builder's office. Sir, you need to make 2 lakh payment for you flat."

"Yah, my home loan process is still going on and soon I will make the payment."
"Sir, we can't wait till you are loan is approved. Please make the payment at the earliest."

Krishna was already in bad mood and these words added more fuel to it.
"Come on Man.... ten times, I have called you are office and informed them about payment delay. then why the hell you guys are calling again and again. I am not going to run away. You still have my flat with you only....".....Krishna got blasted and he just disconnected the call.

Slowly it was turning to be horrible day for Krishna. He wanted to share his pain with his wife Radha but thought why to trouble her on phone, lets talk with her after going home.


That day since afternoon, Radha was suffering from Viral fever and had severe headache. She was waiting for Krishna to come home so that they can go to doctor.

Krishna came home and sat on sofa silently. Radha got coffee for him and sat in front of him. Krishna was sipping coffee but was bit dull. Continuous overwork in office, today’s boss firing and builders call for payment, Krishna's mind was completely occupied because of these issues and he failed to notice Radha's down mood. He wanted to share everything with Radha and feel light.

So as soon as he finished coffee, he started telling everything..."...boss....builder office...payment...blah blah..."

He noticed that Radha was down and not listening to him. As Radha was not giving much attention, he got angrier and started talking in loud voice,
"Come on Radha, I am telling you something and you are completely disconnected from me?....I need you, your support and you are not just listening..."
"Its not like that Krishna, will you listen to me?"....Radha was trying to explain her to Krishna.

But Krishna was not at all in listening mood. He was tired of so called issues in life.
He became more aggressive, "You know sometimes I feel I need to get rid of all these things...I just want to go away from this world....The only reason for my living is you and you are also behaving like this?....then why should I live?....I will go now itself...."....he kept on talking and moved out of home.

Radha tried to stop him but he just moved out and came downstairs. but after 10 minutes, he realized his mistake and went back to home. but it was bit late by that time. Radha was packing her bag and had decided to go her mothers place. She was very upset, for the first time Krishna had behaved so aggressively and badly with her.

"Radha, please listen to me...wait...wait...I am sorry...."...Krishna was trying stop Radha.
But she just moved out and went to her mothers home in Pune.

Krishna was not able to think, "What to do now?"..........he skipped his dinner, just took couple pegs of rum and went to bed.


Second day Krishna woke up around 8am, still he was feeling heavy because of yesterday's events. When he looked out of his bedroom window, he noticed that its raining heavily but he couldn't offer to miss office today as he was having so much of work to complete. He got ready and started for the office. he came to building's gate, his watchmen Hari interrupted him.

"Sir, I think train and bus might not be running..its raining heavily....all students going to school at 7am have came back....if possible just be at home today..."
"No Hari.....I have lot of work...some how I will go to office".....Krishna answered Hari and started walking towards railway  station.
Because of heavy rain and wind, it was difficult to manage umbrella. By the time he reached station, he was completely wet.

Krishna entered into station and saw that all the rail tracks are immersed in water. that scenario was like river and hundreds of people were waiting on platform. It was sure that in such scenario train wont work. Now he realized seriousness of situation. He called his boss and some how managed to convince him that because of heavy rain trains are not running and he wont be able to come to office.

He was completely wet so he closed umbrella and kept in bag. He started walking out of station. while walking he came to one play ground near station. he saw that some children were playing Football over there. Oh, God.... those children were so happy, they were enjoying like anything... He just kept watching their game and got lost in thought. He became nostalgic.


"Come on Krishna, lets go for playing football"....Mandar came to Krishna's home and was asking for playing football.
"You go ahead, I will join in 10 minutes".....Krishna whispered.

"ok....please come quickly. our entire gang is waiting on the ground for you. Its raining a lot, we will have tones of fun".....Mandar moved away.

"Krishna, beta Krishna.....who was there? where are you going? Please don't go anywhere.....Its raining a lot......" Krishna's mother came out of kitchen and was requesting him for not going out.
"Don't worry mom....I will come back quickly"....Krishna ran out of home and went to ground.

They played football in rain...they danced in rain...threw mud at each other....almost every weekend it was routine for Krishna.


Krishna was standing near ground and storm of thoughts was still going on his mind...."Oh, God, What a age it was...!!!.....Those were golden pressure of anything.....Just eat, sleep and play......Just tones of fun....Hey, God.....WHY DID WE GROW UP????.....why can't we remain as child till end of life...........those childhood days were really sweet days...."

Suddenly football hit Krishna and he came out of his thoughts. he heard that some children are saying, "Sir, please throw football...."
he dropped his bag near street light pole, picked up football and asked those children, "Can I play with you?"

Children were surprised...but they said...."yes, please join us."

Krishna removed his in shirt and joined them. He forgot his age, who he was? all his problems in life......he just played football with them for couple of hours. Enjoyed like anything.

"Thanks Gang....I enjoyed a lot with you guys....You deserve a party, What would you like to have? onion pakoda and tea?"
"No sir, lets have ice-cream".....bunty, one of the youngest child among them suggested it.

"oh...that's too cool idea...its raining, everyone is drenched and you guys wants to have ice-cream....great...!!!"
He gave ice-cream party to them. He was smiling, Happy and rejuvenated.

He thanked them, said "Good bye" and opened his bag. he checked his mobile and saw that, he had got 10 missed calls from Radha.


He immediately called back Radha, "Hey Radha, Sorry I missed you calls."
"Krishna, you stupid, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.....Its raining heavily, I am so much worried about you and you are not picking up know so many thoughts came in my mind.......I hate you, I hate you, I hate you."

"Sorry Radha, I missed you are calls.....I was playing football with children....".....Krishna was talking excitedly.
"Oh.....really...!!!..great...!!! know, I too went on terrace and got drenched in rain, played with children in society....It reminded me of my school days"....Radha replied.

"WHY DID WE GROW UP?"....Krishna said.
"WHY DID WE GROW UP?".....Radha said almost at the same time.

they both laughed.

"We grow up because I was supposed to meet you and irritate you".....Krishna said.
"Hey nothing like that, but please don't behave like yesterday again......"

"I am really sorry Radha for yesterdays behaviour....please forgive me.....I should not have over reacted....I love you.....I am coming to get you back"....Krishna confessed.

"Its fine........but you deserve some punishment and you are punishment is, till the time rain gets cleared don't attempt to come here, please don't move in rain now. So you will stay alone till tomorrow"....Radha said in her usual naughty tone.
"yah..."....Krishna just asserted with smile in reply.

After finishing call, Krishna was again walking to home. Today morning when he had started from home, his mind was banging up and down. But now when he was going home, it was like his all problem where solved....he was feeling peaceful and calm......just one thought was roaring in his mind....."WHY DID WE GROW UP???"


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wine gets better with age...!!!

"Krishna....Krishna, where are you?"....Radha was calling Krishna.
"Oh God, What he is doing? he will never reply on first call......since last 32 years I am trying to improve him but don't know when he will change?"......Radha was furious as Krishna was not replying to her and was murmuring something.

"What happened Radha?.....I will not get lost in this 3BHK flat. I was in kitchen, taking some medicine for my back pain"....Krishna was trying to explain himself for not replying on time to Radha.
"oh...I was calling you for going on evening walk.....Mr and Miss. Kulkarni are waiting for us....but are you having back pain?....then let me give you massage with gel, lets not go on evening walk today"....Radha said in worried tone.

"no no no......nothing to worry, I will take some rest today, will sit in balcony reading some mountaineering novel and you go on walk....If you also don't go then our old age group will feel worried about us".....Krishna was trying to convince Radha to go alone on walk with group.
"Oh and your mountaineering???!!!....nowdays with age your not going in mountains but mentally you always there only"....Radha bursted with reflex action.

"Nothing like that darling...I....I mean...I mean, I will definitely take some rest".....Krishna fumbled.

"Ok ji....Please call me if you need anything"......Radha said to Krishna and started moving out.
"Yes Darling, as you say sweetheart...!!!".....Krishna came to close door.

"shooooo.... don't use these words near the door...if someone from our neighbour listens to this then what they will think?"......Radha looked around and said in cumbersome voice.
"Don't worry....they will feel envy to you as they don't have loving husband like me".....Krishna said humorously.

Radha gave sweet smile from her wrinkles and moved away.


Krishna and Radha Patil was aged couple living in hindu colony, dadar Mumbai. Krishna was retired govt. officer and stellar mountaineer. Because of his very active lifestyle still at the age of 60 he was enjoying healthy life. The only problem he was facing was, nowadays he was having some problem with his vision. Radha was also healthy but with age sometimes she used to forget somethings. They were loving each other a lot and even after 32 years of marriage they had maintained charm of their relationship. Suraj was their only son, he was software engineer and since last two months he was in Silicon valley California for his research project. Both Krishna and Radha were very generous and contended with whatever they have achieved in their life.


Krishna was very happy that he was able convince Radha to go on evening walk alone and now he was owning kitchen for couple of hours till the time she comes back. He hurriedly came into the kitchen. He wanted to prepare "pav-bhaji" for Radha and give her surprise. For this he was working hard since yesterday, he had purchased all the vegetables and pav(inidan bread) yesterday evening and kept in the lower drawer of freeze in such way that Radha will not notice it.

As sun was about to set, its golden rays were coming into the kitchen from window and cool breeze of air coming from window was just like it was adding topping on the delightful evening. Krishna was already excited and such a nice evening environment gave him more energy. As usual he switched on radio. He started cutting vegetables while murmuring songs played on radio. After cutting vegetables, he got into the cooking action, he put pot on gas stove and added little oil in it.
he was humming song..."tera mujhase hai pehale ka nata koi....yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi......jane tu, ya jane na......mane tu, ya mane na....."
He added garlic to that oil in pot and sound of tadka added extra music to his songs. he was doing everything slowly managing his poor vision and soon pav-bhaji was prepared.
He arranged dining room nicely with two plates and candles all around the room.

Now his all preparation was completed and he just went to balcony of hall and sat in relaxed mood. He got lost in thoughts......


"Beta Krishna, I got little late while coming back from market and your dad will ask me for dinner in half an hour. please help me to cut these vegetables"....Krishna's mom requested to Krishna.
" many vegetables?.....what are you going prepare mom?".....Krishna asked surprisingly.

"Beta, I am going to prepare pav-bhaji for you".
"wow...great...!!!.....Mom, my friends like your pav-bhaji, Can I take it for tomorrow's tiffin as well".

"Yes, beta."
"Mom, can I cook pav-bhaji today?.....I will act as chief cook and you just instruct me".....Krishna said excitedly.

Mom was little surprised with Krishna's enthusiasm in kitchen but she just smiled and said "Ok."

So on that day Krishna cooked pav-bhaji and first thing he did was he packed his tiffin for college for next day.


"ting tong....ting tong".....door bell rang loudly.
Krishna came out from his thoughts after hearing to door bell. It was almost dark. he came into the hall and switched on lights. he opened the door.

Radha was back from evening walk and she came in saying, "Sorry Krishna, I got little late today. Actually Mr. Aiyer had got some sweets for our group and in that we got bit late. Let me quickly prepare dal khichadi for you......" Radha kept on talking and Krishna was just smiling.

While trying explain herself Radha suddenly sensed divine aroma in her home........"Krishna, from where this aroma is coming?"
" calm sweetheart".......Krishna said and kept his arms around her neck.

" someone is in very romantic mood today....!!!"....Radha said smilingly.
"Yah....will you please close your eyes for 5 minutes?".....Krishna requested to Radha.

Radha said...."ok" and closed her eyes.
Krishna hurriedly moved to dining room and lighted all the candles and came back to Radha. Please don't open your eyes, he went behind her, kept his hands on her eyes and took her slowly to dining room. he whispered in her ears....."I love you darling beyond my life...!!!" and slowly removed his hands from her eyes.

Radha saw that decorated table, pav-bhaji and candles all around. she was on seventh heaven. In that candle light, her wrinkled smiling faced glittered like Gold.
" this is your back pain??!!......I too love you jannu" and she gave warm hug to Krishna. Krishna held her tight in his arms.


Krishna wore new t-shirt and started for his college, without failing he took his "pav-bhaji" tiffin with him. It was his last semester of Engineering. In first half, their last CS practical was completed and sir asked them to submit their journals. Except Krishna and Radha nobody's journal was complete so sir just allowed them to go out and asked everyone else to sit there itself and complete their journals. So Krishna and Radha came out, leaving their group. 

It was lunch time. During last four years their group had always ate tiffin together but today there was no one with them. Krishna used to like Radha a lot but he was not sure if Radha also likes him or not. Today they were alone and he decided to ask her.

"Radha, Instead of eating tiffin in canteen today, can we go to that tree in garden for lunch?"....Krishna said hesitatingly.
Radha was little surprised with Krishna's question and said....."ok. np."

They started eating tiffins. Krishna wanted to propose Radha and storm of thoughts was roaring in his mind.

"Radha, I have prepared this pav-bhaji for you".....Finally Krishna started conversation.
"you have prepared it??!! really tasty"......Radha replied excitedly.

"Radha, I want to tell you something"....suddenly Krishna said with nervous face.
"Yah....go ahead"...Radha replied.

"I....I...." Krishna was just stammering......"I love you...!!!".....finally Krishna said it with lot of courage.
Radha was totally surprised and got goose bump after hearing this.

"Actually, I love you.....but its ok even if you don't love can ignore this....forget this"...... Krishna tried to cover up after seeing Radha's face.

Radha was just looking down for 5 minutes, Krishna was not able to think "What to do now?"........but suddenly she looked up and with innocent smile replied, "I love you too."

Krishna was really Happy after hearing this and after that he feeded couple of bytes of pav-bhaji to Radha with his own hands.


"But what is so special about today?"...Radha said while slowly coming out of Krishna's arms.
"Today's date is very special for us darling....Just try to remember"....Krishna replied.

"Sorry sweetheart, you know nowadays I am forgetting all small thing, really not able to remember anything about today's date?"...Radha said in confused voice.
"Its fine Jannu......Its 11th April, 34 years back, on same day I had proposed you in our college garden."

"Radha was delighted after hearing it, she smiled and again hugged Krishna. She used to feel divine peace in Krishna's arms. Krishna also held her tight.

Still she was in Krishna's arms and they were talking...
"Dear, I am really lucky to get you. Even after 34 years your holding me in your arms with same love and affection".....Radha was completely immersed in Krishna's love.
"Radha, do you remember many times in past you used to ask me.......will you love me same even at old age?".....Krishna said

"Yeah. I remember it".....Radha replied.
"Every time I used to say........I AM LIKE WINE, WINE GETS BETTER WITH AGE......!!!"......Krishna replied, they both laughed and continued to enjoyed divine peace in each others arm.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where are those days?

tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring

"Krishna, Can you please pick up the phone?...........I am busy in making paratha's."
"ah......Radha, I am busy in shaving. I have foam on my face and don't want phone receiver to get this foam, Can you please pick it up?"...Krishna requested back to Radha.

Radha was busy in preparing breakfast with her great multitasking skills. She had four burners on the gas stove. One burner she had kept milk. On second burner she had kept sambar. On third burner she was roasting paratha. Foruth burner was lucky and was resting in peace. While roasting paratha, she was preparing next paratha, she was trying to have shape of circle for that paratha but while doing so many tasks sometimes it was getting shape of India's map or sometimes shape of Asia continent.

"Come on Krishna.....its 11 am, still you haven't finished shaving?.....I am trying to wake you up since 9 am and finally you woke up at 10 am."
"Sweetheart, Its lazy Sunday morning....its fine."

Radha, quickly switched off paratha's burner and moved to pick up phone. "Oh God, why don't I have eight hands like Durga devi? then two would have prepared breakfast, two would have pressed Krishna's clothes, two would have given morning medicines to mother-in-law, two would have feed bunty and one would have picked up the phone, How many things, I should do at a time?"......she kept talking to herself while coming to hall from kitchen.

"Hello...."....Radha just picked up phone's receiver on last ring.

"Hello, Am I talking to Radha Pawar?"
Radha, was little surprised to hear her papa's home name.

"Yes, whose this?"
"Hey, miss tubelight....your still same. haven't you recognized me?"

Radha's face glittered like gold. she forgot all her household worries of Sunday morning. Only her college friends used to call her "tubelight" as many times innocent Radha used to take some time to understand context in certain things. Her best friend had given her this name.

"Rajas, you????????".......Radha screamed happily.
"ah....Finally...!!!... Madam recognized poor guy"....Rajas felt relieved.

Radha Pawar was innocent, shy and intelligent girl from Pawarwadi. Pawarwadi a small village in Satara district of Maharashtra. Radha scored 89% in 10th standard. All her friends with average score took admission to commerce or arts stream in nearby college but Radha took admission to science stream at taluka place which was Karad. Now everyday she had to commute to college through ST bus. It was 1st Jully, Radha's first day in a college. Radha got up early and caught ST bus to reach college. Whetish complexion en-lighted by her charm, black long hair neatly tied in clip, dressed in white salwar suit, Radha entered in college. Fragrance of her Mogra string added different flavor in air. Right from junior, senior to professors everyone noticed Radha because of her charisma.
Being first day of college, seniors were having fun with newly joined junior students.

Couple of senior students came across Radha near library, "Excuse me madam, we heard that your Good singer, can you please sing a song for us?"
Radha looked down and started shivering and said in small voice, "Please let me go."

Seniors were having fun while watching such a innocent, serene Radha...."Ok Madam, leave least tell us your name".
Radha was still looking down and didn't said anything.

"Hello, our first lecture is about to begin, lets go" smart, body building type guy came hurriedly to Radha and requested her.
Radha felt relaxed.

"Can we go sir?".....he asked to seniors.
He was talking to Radha as if he knows her.
They said, "Yes, please go."

Both Radha and that guy moved away together.

"Hello, I am Rajas Deshmukh. I am from deshmukhmala, I have joined science stream"......Rajas introduced him briefly.
"Hi, I am Radha......Radha Pawar."

"Your from Pawarwadi...right?"....Rajas interrupted her.
"Radha got astonished. How you know this?"

"Actually today morning I saw you while boarding ST bus. Deshmukhmala comes before Pawarwadi so I was in same bus."
"Oh ok...Thanks a lot."

"Hey, Its fine. your from my area and I saw you struggling so just helped you. Your most welcome"
They both smiled at each other.

So Radha got one Good friend on her first day of college.

"Mr. Rajas Deshmukh, after so many years.....How are you sir?"
"I am fine. How are you?....After getting married you just got disappeared."

"Yeah, I am also fine. Got settled in Mumbai with my husband. With God's grace everything is really great. How about you?"
"I am working for TCS. I am settled in Chennai."

"Did you got married?"
"ah....not yet. I am still enjoying my freedom"....Rajas said naughtily.

"Its really nice to talk to you after so many years"....Radha became bit emotional and was talking a lot.
"Yes madam, but what happened to your old number?.....I struggled so much to get your new number."

"Oh yeah....After couple of years of marriage, My husband got transferred from Pune to Mumbai and my home number got changed. Sorry I forgot to give it to you."
"Its fine.....I also went to Chennai and then to US and didn't got opportunity to catch up with you.....Yesterday, I came to home after three years. I went to your village as well, at that time I managed to get your land-line number."

"So nice of you Rajas...!!!".........."So your at hometown now?"

As college days were passing, Radha and Rajas became Good friends. Rajas was like Radha's bodyguard. Everyday Rajas used walk 2km and come to Pawarwadi bus stop. Radha used to come there and then they used to catch bus for college. They had spent hours together at Pawarwadi bus stop while waiting for bus. As they both had taken science they were in same class. Whatever may be Radha's problem Rajas used to solve it. If Radha want any notes or book, Rajas would arrange it over the night. He always wanted Radha to win. He just wanted Radha's Happiness. They used to be always together. Other guys were thinking them as a couple but they used to laugh at it. They were knowing that they were just best friends.

Radha was all rounders person. She used to study, dance, sing everything. Rajas was just used to study. He never had any interest in dancing. Many times during inter college festival practice Radha used to spend lot of time in college and Rajas used to sit under one tree in college garden waiting for her. But he never left her alone. After finishing her practice they both used to go home together.

Radha used to tease Rajas like anything and Rajas also used to pull Radha's legs. Always fighting and caring for each other.

"Do you know where am I sitting now?"

"I am sitting on Pawarwadi ST bus stand and talking with you. I can feel someone's presence over here with me."
Radha was not able to speak anything and her eye's were filled with water. She forgot "who is she now? where is she standing?"

"Hello, Radha you there?"
" am there."

"How great those days were? worries of anything...just study, enjoy and play around...."
"Yes....those were really great days...I miss those days and not just days... I miss you as well."

They became nostalgic and talked a lot. such great and always happy friends, first time became emotional. Radha got stars in her eyes.

"Hey Radha, do you know why did I called you today?"

"Its 1st July. Today we completed 14 years of friendship. Congrats....!!!"....Rajas said.
"Do you know Rajas.....I am lucky that I have been always blessed with really great people around me and your one of them".......Radha's stars got broken and pearl rolled down from her chick.

"Hey Radha, its been an hour, I am talking to you. bye....lets sync up sometime, see you soon."
Radha also said, "bye". But still she had receiver in her hand...."Hey God, where are those days??"

Nagme hain, shikwe hain
Kisse hain, baatein hain
Baatein bhool jaati hain
Yaadein yaad aati hain
Yeh yaadein kisi dil-o-jaanam ke
Chale jaane ke baad aati hain

Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein.......!!!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Papa's Baniyan......

Ganya hurriedly entered in house, kept something in his table drawer and had glass of water.
"Ganesh beta, please get fresh, You might be hungry, I will give cup of tea and rusk".... his mother said very lovingly to him.
Everyone in chawl used to call "Ganesh" as Ganya but his mother and father always called him Ganesh.

""...he quickly became fresh and sat next to his sister who was playing on small carrom board.

"Hey sis, Lets go out and eat bhelpuri, I want to give you small party".....he whispered to his sisters ear.
Though Nalini was busy in playing carrom board, brothers words caught her attention. But her mind took her back..... "Bhai, Bhelpuri requires 10 rupees. From where you got it? Did papa gave it to you?"... she questioned.

"Don't ask much question, I will tell you one surprise after going out. ok?"
"Surprise???!!!!"....she said bit louder.
"Shoooo.....shooooo"......Ganya indicated her not to talk now.
"Yeah"..... she nodded.

After seeing childern moment his mother said, "Ganesh-Nalini, what's going on? Nalini, please don't fight, let your bhai also play with you."
"Nothing mom, we are not fighting"....Ganya cleared up mom's doubt.


Ganesh Baburao Patil was poor school going guy from slum of khindipada in Mumbai. All his friends and people in chawl call him "Ganya". Though Ganya was staying in slum, he was really bright student. He was very dedicated, sincere and hard-working student. He was studying in nearby municipal school in Marathi medium. In every exam he used get Good marks. His teachers were sure that he will get some Good rank in state in 10th exam. He had just finished his 10 standard exam. In Khindipada slum, their family was staying in small chawl room on rent. Eight years back Ganya's father lost his job when small cotton mill near Kurla was closed by their owners. After that he is just working as wall painter with one of the contractor in near by areas. He was really working hard everyday to get bread and butter to his family.

One day Ganya had gone with lunch box to his papa's work where he was painting one big building from outside.
Ganya saw that his father in standing on very big frame made up of bamboo on 12th floor of the building and painting the wall.

Once his father came down for lunch he asked, "papa, don't you have any fear of falling down? In such a hot summer your standing on just that bamboo and painting wall?"
His father smiled and replied, "Beta, its not very difficult and if I don't do this then How we will get our daily bread and butter? Real risk in life is not really risky."
"Papa, I didn't got you"....innocent Ganya was able to understand papa's pain but he didn't got his philosophical words.

Ganya's mother used to do house hold work in couple of homes in nearby building. She used to get some money that was helping her in managing daily expenses in little money earned by Ganya's father.

Ganya's parents were poor but they wanted to give Good education to their children. They always paid attention to children study, provided them all the required things properly. They used to work hard till any extent but they never compromised children education. They wanted Ganya to get Good education and come out of this poverty and live Good life.


"Bhai, Thanks for the bhelpuri, can you tell me surprise now?".....Nalini questioned to Ganya.
"Yes, I will tell you."

"Also, What did you hide in your drawer when you had entered in home? I had seen it".....she started questioning like police.
"Hey.... wait wait....madam please let me breath.... I will answer all your questions"....Ganya said clearing sweat on his forehead.

"Since last one week, I am working as assistant to teachers in one private tuition for 10th standard class. Today I have got 250 rupees for my weeks work. So I thought of giving you party of Bhelpuri. Thats it."
"Oh ok.... whats hidden in your drawer?"

"Oh Nalini, that's top surprise, I will tell you at night once papa come to home. Please dear, only this time listen to me... please please."
"Ok....ok..... If you promise me of giving one small candy tomorrow then I can think of keeping quite till night"....Nalili said naughtily.

"Yes my mother, you will get candy. Please please be quite till night and don't open my surprise".... Ganya was literally begging in front of his little angel.

They both laughed and went to home.


"Ganesh, it was your last exam paper today, right? How was it?"...... Ganya's father inquired while having his dinner.
"It was Good papa, I properly wrote answers to all the questions".... Ganya said confidently.

"Great, so now what you want to do in vacation? Please go to our native place and stay with Grandfather for sometime and enjoy your holiday. Once you get the result, you will again get busy in college".
"No papa.... I....I don't.... don't want to go to native place. Till results get out, it will be two and half month vacation. I want to work for two months and then for remaining 15 days I will go to native place".... Ganya fumbled.

"Ganesh beta, you very well know that I don't want you to work at this age. I will work more harder but your these days will not come back. so please just enjoy."
"No papa, I want to help you. I want to collect some money for my college fees."

"No, not at all... Ganesh, you will not work"....Ganya's father was firm about his opinion.
"Mom, please help me to convince papa"....Ganya turned to mother.

"Look, even I don't want Ganesh to work. but he had told me everything in the afternoon. He is going to help in private tuition for next years 10th standard student. Let him work, he will get Good knowledge and little money as well. Also he has promised that he will be at work just for 6 hours, remaining time he will play with his friends".... mother tried to convince father on behalf of Ganya.

"No no no..." Papa was not ready to listen.
"Please, think about it at least once, I understand your feeling, but he is grown up now. we should respect his feelings as well" said helplessly to Ganya's father.

"Ok.... But only for 6 hours and not more than that".... Ganya's father warned.
"Yes, papa".... Ganya jumped Happily.


"Hey, its Diwali. You spent all this months salary in getting some clothes to children and got one sari for me as well. But you didn't got anything for you, What is this?".... Ganya's mom said angrily to Ganya's father.
"Look, Taking new clothes to children was very much required. They go outside, play with other children. Everyone gets new clothes in Diwali. If we don't get new clothes for them then they will feel very bad. I can't see my children disappointed."

"Yeah, its fine. but why did you purchased new sari for me? It was not required"....still she was very angry.
"Hey dear, You just have two sari. One of that is bit torn on one side. I know you do lot of adjustment while wearing it. so I just got one sari for you."

"But What about your baniyan? It has got so many holes in it. Its has become very very old. still since last six month your wearing it. At least We should have got new baniyan for you."
"Hey its fine, see.... this year Ganesh is in 10th standard, we frequently require some money for his exam fees and all that's why I am avoiding it. its fine... please don't feel much for me. Still I can wear those baniyans for 6 more months... Just it had got few holes in it."

"Few holes?? You always do like this? why only your suffering so much? my sari was not much important"... Gnaya's mother was not in listening mood.
"Look, children are looking at us, please stop now. We will get new baniyan for me after few months, Now we need to save some money for Ganya's board exam. You never know, we may require little extra money during that period."

Ganya's mother just kept her head on his father's shoulder and kept sobbing.

Ganya was reading book in one corner of room and had heard almost entire conversation. realising this his father's said, "Ganesh beta, please go out and play for sometime."


"Bhai, papa has come. when are you going to open the secret".... Nalini whispered in Gnaya's ear.
"Wait.. let him have dinner"... Ganya answered silently.

After papa's dinner Ganya's took one bag from his drawer and gave it to papa.

"Ganesh, What is this?".... papa asked.
"Papa, I got my first week's salary from private tuition as 250 rupees. I have got new baniyan for you. Please wear it and now onward you should not wear torn out baniyans".... Tear rolled down from Ganesh's eyes and he was not able to talk but still he completed the sentence.

Ganya's father was not able to say anything, his eyes were filled with water and were shining like star.
He just hugged Ganya and Ganya kept sobbing in his arms.

"Papa I promise, I will study very well in college and will get Good marks. After that will get Good job. we will get new home, All hardship will be finished. Also at that time there will not be need for you to take such big risk and paint building wall on 12th floor.... promise papa, I will change everything..... we will become rich.. promise papa".... Ganesh just kept sobbing and talking.

"Don't worry beta, time do change. We will have better days. You just concentrate on your studies. I am already rich beta. God has given me son like you, what else I want? I am richest person on this planet."

still Ganya was sobbing in his papa's arm. Over the year circumstances have made Ganya's father really strong but finally even his shining stars got broken and tears rolled down from his eyes.