Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skiing at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful place in California with magnificent mountains and spectacular snow. Its very famous for skiing activities conducted in resorts over here. If your in California and truly outdoor freak then skiing trip to Tahoe is most lucrative opportunity. So How can I miss this opportunity? I had really wonderful trip to Tahoe and enjoyed skiing....... :)

Five friends(Gaurav, Chandra, Myself, Pratik, Kiran) planning trip to Tahoe since couple of weeks but every weekend someone is getting critical task on Friday evening and we had to drop our plan. I was little disappointed. oh no, am I going to make this trip??.... We again planned it on Sunday but I kept fingers crossed till we start our car in the direction of Tahoe. Finally on Sunday at 4:30am when everyone was in deep sleep, we started our journey to Tahoe. Gaurav with his car was the host and Chandra sir was manager of the trip... ;) While having lots of talk, discussion and some music, we didn't realised how the time passed and reached Tahoe around 9am covering distance of 220 miles. This year Goddess of snow is bit angry with Tahoe and there is not much snow. I wanted to experience snow fall but didn't got that opportunity :( I was amazed by beauty of these mountains while going through its zigzag roads.

[Snow mountain in "Squaw Valley" resort.]

We went to "Squaw Valley" resort for skiing. As soon as we stepped down from the car, cool breeze of air welcomed us and reminded us about cold conditions of this place. After some initial enquiry we thought of taking beginners lessons in skiing for the day. So accordingly we collected skiing equipments on rent and got ready for skiing. Now I was ready to enter into the snow but before that hot cup of cappuccino coffee gave added energy to go on the fields.... :) We all went to students gathering point and met our instructor Mr. Leroy. Gaurav being and advanced skier went to different instructor. After initial introduction Leroy took us in the snow field.

We formed semicircle and our class started on the field. Leroy started with giving introduction to instruments like skis, poles, ski shoes and all. He gave all the technical details about balancing body weight, body position during skiing, different motion of ankle, knees. We were also practising all the things with him. After that for the first time we started skiing on one foot and used other foot for support. Yes, I am getting it... mind was attaining some comfort level with skis. Slowly Leroy asked us to put on both skis and we started skiing on flat surface where balancing was bit easier. We also did practise on little steep surface. Everyone was practising on his own pace and many were falling down while doing this. I felt, I was doing ok and got ready for the next step.

[My Skiing group -- L to R => Chandra, Leroy, Myself, Kiran, Pratik. Missing Gaurav as he was in different higher level group.]

Once we became comfortable on little steep surface, Leroy took us to more higher level. We went on smaller hill with the help of lift. Leroy taught us How to control the speed by using wedge position and demonstrated the same. Now real fun was about to begin. It was very very windy and maintaining balance even while standing was becoming extremely difficult, don't know How am I going to ski down this hill? One by one each student was going down, someone was going properly, some had terrible fall and was sleeping down the hill :D ...... Now for the first time my turn came, I took position, skis were ready to slide, I applied some force on poles. slowly I started going down. But on steep surface, I picked up speed, I lost the control and went down the hill with full speed and felled down on my buttocks..... oops.... :D

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch the pail of water......
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling down......

Yes, my fall was same as our little "Jack and Jill". The only difference being I went up the hill to ski down and instead of Jill, my skis poles came tumbling down.... :)

Leroy came to me, he explained me why did I felled. I nodded my head but I was little nervous.... still I again jumped on the lift and went to the top. Now for the second time I was again ready, I just recollected Leroy's instructions and started my skis. Now I was doing fairly Good and came down the hill really nicely..... hhuuuuuurrrrrraaaaaahhhhhh.....!!! I was really Happy, even Leroy clapped with his poles. It was really wonderful feeling. After that I got the confidence I had many rounds of skiing down the hill. I don't even remember the count. Slowly after 3pm everyone started going back but I was still busy in enjoying my hill skis rides. Finally at 4pm instructor near the lift who was managing the lift told me that "Its time to pack up" and I stopped.

[Myself, just came down the hill and ready to go up again... :)]

Apart from Skiing, I enjoyed one more thing at Tahoe and that is watching skiing activity of young angels. There were many young innocent cute skiers starting from the age of two. All the kids with small skis, poles, shoes...... they were looking cute..!!! There was special area for them with some special instructors who were teaching them. These small, Young kids were doing it nicely. Some masters among them were busy in doing stunts as well. It was simply innocent and delightful scene....!!!

[One of the Young, dashing and brave Skier.]

Oh God... what a wonderful day it was...!!!
Hey reader Friends, I feel that this world is very very strict. We keep on dancing as per rules of this world, as per circumstances around us and constantly running to achieve our goals. Generally, How we think? "Today, I am in 1BHK home, now I want a car.... then...oh... I should have 2BHK home..... then may be my wife liked new car launched in market.....on and on...." While running after bread and butter, we enter into never ending race of life and don't realise How time is passing? Sometimes we are so busy and engrossed in our problems/goals that we don't even realise our loved ones around us who means lot to us...... But I think we should take out some time for ourselves from our busy schedules. Do something different, something that we like. Who knows?....... You may discover something different in yourself which will add new taste in life and give new energy to live Life more happily.... :)


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