Monday, February 20, 2012

Diveagar Srivardhan Harihareshwar

Friends.... one unknown philosopher has said "In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life: it goes on...!!!" If we think about this for couple of minutes then we all will agree that, "Yes, it just goes on....." when we passed out of school/college, we promised our friends that we will meet frequently but as we move ahead in career, we get so much engrossed in office and other things that slowly frequency of visits starts decreasing -- weekly meetings gets converted into monthly, then to quarterly and then to yearly..... :( Worst things happens when we are not able to meet and spend time even once in a year. Four friends used to have outing at least once in a year but its more than three years that they don't have couple of days for each other... no wonder why? because that's How life goes on and we keep on dancing on the music of this world.... Finally after long time, on one weekend at very short notice plan gets fixed and everyone packs up bag and moves out of home.

Four school friends(Myself, Amol, Ashir, Prabhakar) reached thane station at very early morning around 6am. Hot tea at ST stand helped us to remain awake till bus for Diveagar was announced. We boarded bus and were very excited to seat next to each other and have some gossip but bus was almost full and we all got different seats. Two typical bhaiya's accompanied me on last seat and some bhojpuri songs added different flavour in our journey.

[Just got down at Diveagar: L to R => Amol, Prabhakar and Myself.]

Diveagar, It's among the most serene beach in kokan region. We reached Diveagar around lunch time and everyone was really hungry. Everyone ate Surmai(type of fish) fry and solkadi (special kokani buttermilk) like we had not ate anything since one month.... ;) After getting re-energise with lunch everyone was ready to enjoy on beach, so just moved towards beach. This is one of the most longest and shallow beach I have ever seen in kokan. As beach was bit shallow, volleyball game started full in swing in water. Managing own body balance in water and hitting the ball, when ball is missed then catching it before wave take it too long.... sometimes try hitting with dive like Jonty Rhodes... Oh God... it was so much fun...!!! After many rounds of volleyball we stopped that game and started getting mounted on waves, move with it then again come back and get mounted on new wave. Finally after playing for long time fuel tank again became empty.... ;) I mean we again started feeling hungry and moved out of water. Now we filled the tank with fresh coconut water... :)

[Sun set at Diveagar beach.]

Time was going nicely and slowly sun started setting down.... Orange colour rays started spreading all over entire horizon. It was like Arabian sea was ready to gulp the sun. There were three shadows of sun -- one on the water, second one was dancing on the wave and third one on wet sand. What a perfect timing for photography and I enjoyed lot of clicks at this time...!!! I want to email couple of these pics to my friend "sun", so that even he can update his profile pic on facebook... ;) Also he can use these pics to impress his girlfriend.... :) Now days any outing without adventure remains incomplete, so just enjoyed para sailing on the beach. Also we had camel ride. Slowly people started leaving the beach and calmness on the beach increased a lot. It was like waves were coming full in speed, cutting through calm sand and directly attacking our heart wall. Frankly speaking this twilight period is really difficult especially in environment like this. Your heart grows fonder and you started missing someone a lot..... :)

[Couple enjoying camel ride: Thanks God for giving this clicks, These kind of clicks are real inspiration for novice photographer like me.]

After having such a wonderful day, lot of discussion happened till midnight on different topics. All the friends shared their problems in search of some suggestions/solutions. Not sure if anyone got any good solution to any of his issue but yes everyone got courage to face their issues with new energy.....It was kind of all is well effect..... :)

On second day everyone got ready and we started walking towards auto-rickshaw stand. I got one really nice click of "bullock cart".... What a start of the day God...!!! We caught tamtam (three wheeler, six seater auto-rickshaw used in villages) to travel towards Srivardhan. Our target was Harihareshwar but we have to go via Srivarshan. This entire route is parallel to coastline and I was speechless while travelling through such scenic route. Many times I felt like stopping auto-rickshaw and taking some pics.

Finally we reached divine place harihareshwar, a very famous Shiv temple. Entire air was filled with spirituality. We took darshan and went for shukla circumambulation. But becasue of high tide this route was blocked and we couldn't complete our circumambulation. Anyway... we thought of planning circumambulation more properly next time and came out of temple.

[Route for shukla circumambulation at Harihareshwar.]

After having great lunch at Harihareshwar we came back to Srivardhan and from there took bus for coming back to Mumbai. Everyone was fully satisfied with outing and went to deep sleep while travelling back to Mumbai.
As we entered in Mumbai, one by one everyone started getting down from bus nearby his home. But one feeling was common on everyone's face and unknowingly our eyes were saying it.......
"Hey, friends... Life will just go on yaar..... Lets find some free time again... very soon.....!!!"


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