Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eternal Love...!!!

"Hey janu, don't you know me?" she said controlling her grief.

"We used to spend hours together. Many sleepless nights talking with each other. I can still feel those lovely moments and today all of a sudden you don't recognise me? I have been waiting for this moment since last two months...... please say something..... for God sake please talk to me."

There was no reaction on his face, he was sitting motionless just like lamp post in front of her.


Prasad Gupte was an intelligent and workaholic software programmer. he was very famously known as "PG" among his colleagues, not because of initials of his name but people used to treat him as "Programming Guru". He used to do programming flawlessly for 16 to 18 hours a day. During graduate studies, he was an average student but became master in software programming because of his Guru whom he met while doing final year project at Bhabha atomic research centre. After that he never looked back. c, c++, java, dot-net -- one by one he acquired mastery over all the programming language. Any software program or algorithm was not a challenge for him.

This genius person got job in Google Inc. at Bangalore and as a part of on boarding process got brand new mac laptop. he was quickly distinguished among all the freshers because of his God gifted intelligence in programming.

In Google's Bangalore office, if someone is stuck up in any program then people used to say in humorous way "Have you googled your problem with PG".

One can discuss any programming issue with him. he will start on his Lappy, do something on console and will give some suggestion to your problem......... Lappy?...... "oh.... he used to call one of his the best friend, his mac laptop as Lappy." Almost entire day he used to be on laptop doing different kind of programming. His entire world was just he and his Lappy.

Sometimes his colleagues used to ask him, "PG Sir, Hows lappyji? Is she fine?"
"Yes, she is fine..!!!"... PG used to reply with smiling face.


"Oh God, Life was going happily, How suddenly everything went wrong?".....

"Hey dear, please please try to recollect something.... do you remember that night?..."

"It was raining profusely. You was stuck up in one program, You tried different algorithms but for some reason it was not working. may be it was not your day. When you typed something, your gentle fingers touch appeared bit harsh that night. Seeing you tensed, even I was bit worried on that night....Finally we went to bed around 3am."

Don't know what happened, but suddenly around 4 am you waked me up and said, "I got the solution."
You quickly tried new algorithm. On your first touch itself I sensed your confidence and felt that "Yes, program will work now."
"Guess What happened??..... It just took 5 minutes for you to try new algorithm and program worked. You grabbed me in your arms and we danced. I can't forget that night. It was the most memorable day in our life.
Are you able to recollect anything? should I tell you some more incidences??? please say something?"


"PG there is some issue in latest deployed program. our search engine is not working as expected in one of the corner use case", PG's manager said him worriedly.
"Its ok sir, let me take a look"...... PG replied.

Already he was bit tired because of continuous sleepless nights for the new project and was about to leave the office. But after talking with manager he started working again. he fixed the issue till midnight and informed operations people to deploy new product version on the server.
Finally he left for home around 3 am. He was completely tired but still wanted to go home to have sound sleep so he started his car.

While driving back home his eyes were blinking but he managed to kept his eyes open with some concentration. But it was really bad day for him.
on eastern express highway one milk tanker driver lost the control and tanker struck PG's car. PG got injured and was hospitalised in nearby Hospital.
by the time people took him to hospital, he had lost lot of blood and was unconscious. PG had got serious head injury, so doctor immediately operated him and he was kept under observation for two months. PG had lost his memory in this accident and he was not able to recognise anybody.


That day, after two months PG had come home and his parents know that only his Lappy can help him to get some memory of old days. PG went to his room and his father kept her in front of him. She felt Happy to meet him after two month but ecstasy of seeing him back was followed by agony of knowing that he no more knows her. Her eyes were filled with water, she started talking to him, telling him old incidents so that he will start remembering something but PG was not able to recollect anything. Even PG's eyes were filled with water after seeing Lappy's love but he was not able to recollect anything. he was just sitting in front of her and water rolled down his chicks and felled on her.

He was able to sense Lappy's love but was helpless.....



  1. Every well written.... hope you continue writing fictional stories :) - Prachi

  2. your eternal love is the first article that impressed me ...i can relate to it many ways .... good to see improvement in your writing skills... for the first time i can see words from heart rather than head ...

  3. WTF man.
    looking forward to the continuation of this story.
    While reading I scrolled the page to see the happy ending of the story, but U made me wait for PART II