Monday, April 23, 2012

Papa's Baniyan......

Ganya hurriedly entered in house, kept something in his table drawer and had glass of water.
"Ganesh beta, please get fresh, You might be hungry, I will give cup of tea and rusk".... his mother said very lovingly to him.
Everyone in chawl used to call "Ganesh" as Ganya but his mother and father always called him Ganesh.

""...he quickly became fresh and sat next to his sister who was playing on small carrom board.

"Hey sis, Lets go out and eat bhelpuri, I want to give you small party".....he whispered to his sisters ear.
Though Nalini was busy in playing carrom board, brothers words caught her attention. But her mind took her back..... "Bhai, Bhelpuri requires 10 rupees. From where you got it? Did papa gave it to you?"... she questioned.

"Don't ask much question, I will tell you one surprise after going out. ok?"
"Surprise???!!!!"....she said bit louder.
"Shoooo.....shooooo"......Ganya indicated her not to talk now.
"Yeah"..... she nodded.

After seeing childern moment his mother said, "Ganesh-Nalini, what's going on? Nalini, please don't fight, let your bhai also play with you."
"Nothing mom, we are not fighting"....Ganya cleared up mom's doubt.


Ganesh Baburao Patil was poor school going guy from slum of khindipada in Mumbai. All his friends and people in chawl call him "Ganya". Though Ganya was staying in slum, he was really bright student. He was very dedicated, sincere and hard-working student. He was studying in nearby municipal school in Marathi medium. In every exam he used get Good marks. His teachers were sure that he will get some Good rank in state in 10th exam. He had just finished his 10 standard exam. In Khindipada slum, their family was staying in small chawl room on rent. Eight years back Ganya's father lost his job when small cotton mill near Kurla was closed by their owners. After that he is just working as wall painter with one of the contractor in near by areas. He was really working hard everyday to get bread and butter to his family.

One day Ganya had gone with lunch box to his papa's work where he was painting one big building from outside.
Ganya saw that his father in standing on very big frame made up of bamboo on 12th floor of the building and painting the wall.

Once his father came down for lunch he asked, "papa, don't you have any fear of falling down? In such a hot summer your standing on just that bamboo and painting wall?"
His father smiled and replied, "Beta, its not very difficult and if I don't do this then How we will get our daily bread and butter? Real risk in life is not really risky."
"Papa, I didn't got you"....innocent Ganya was able to understand papa's pain but he didn't got his philosophical words.

Ganya's mother used to do house hold work in couple of homes in nearby building. She used to get some money that was helping her in managing daily expenses in little money earned by Ganya's father.

Ganya's parents were poor but they wanted to give Good education to their children. They always paid attention to children study, provided them all the required things properly. They used to work hard till any extent but they never compromised children education. They wanted Ganya to get Good education and come out of this poverty and live Good life.


"Bhai, Thanks for the bhelpuri, can you tell me surprise now?".....Nalini questioned to Ganya.
"Yes, I will tell you."

"Also, What did you hide in your drawer when you had entered in home? I had seen it".....she started questioning like police.
"Hey.... wait wait....madam please let me breath.... I will answer all your questions"....Ganya said clearing sweat on his forehead.

"Since last one week, I am working as assistant to teachers in one private tuition for 10th standard class. Today I have got 250 rupees for my weeks work. So I thought of giving you party of Bhelpuri. Thats it."
"Oh ok.... whats hidden in your drawer?"

"Oh Nalini, that's top surprise, I will tell you at night once papa come to home. Please dear, only this time listen to me... please please."
"Ok....ok..... If you promise me of giving one small candy tomorrow then I can think of keeping quite till night"....Nalili said naughtily.

"Yes my mother, you will get candy. Please please be quite till night and don't open my surprise".... Ganya was literally begging in front of his little angel.

They both laughed and went to home.


"Ganesh, it was your last exam paper today, right? How was it?"...... Ganya's father inquired while having his dinner.
"It was Good papa, I properly wrote answers to all the questions".... Ganya said confidently.

"Great, so now what you want to do in vacation? Please go to our native place and stay with Grandfather for sometime and enjoy your holiday. Once you get the result, you will again get busy in college".
"No papa.... I....I don't.... don't want to go to native place. Till results get out, it will be two and half month vacation. I want to work for two months and then for remaining 15 days I will go to native place".... Ganya fumbled.

"Ganesh beta, you very well know that I don't want you to work at this age. I will work more harder but your these days will not come back. so please just enjoy."
"No papa, I want to help you. I want to collect some money for my college fees."

"No, not at all... Ganesh, you will not work"....Ganya's father was firm about his opinion.
"Mom, please help me to convince papa"....Ganya turned to mother.

"Look, even I don't want Ganesh to work. but he had told me everything in the afternoon. He is going to help in private tuition for next years 10th standard student. Let him work, he will get Good knowledge and little money as well. Also he has promised that he will be at work just for 6 hours, remaining time he will play with his friends".... mother tried to convince father on behalf of Ganya.

"No no no..." Papa was not ready to listen.
"Please, think about it at least once, I understand your feeling, but he is grown up now. we should respect his feelings as well" said helplessly to Ganya's father.

"Ok.... But only for 6 hours and not more than that".... Ganya's father warned.
"Yes, papa".... Ganya jumped Happily.


"Hey, its Diwali. You spent all this months salary in getting some clothes to children and got one sari for me as well. But you didn't got anything for you, What is this?".... Ganya's mom said angrily to Ganya's father.
"Look, Taking new clothes to children was very much required. They go outside, play with other children. Everyone gets new clothes in Diwali. If we don't get new clothes for them then they will feel very bad. I can't see my children disappointed."

"Yeah, its fine. but why did you purchased new sari for me? It was not required"....still she was very angry.
"Hey dear, You just have two sari. One of that is bit torn on one side. I know you do lot of adjustment while wearing it. so I just got one sari for you."

"But What about your baniyan? It has got so many holes in it. Its has become very very old. still since last six month your wearing it. At least We should have got new baniyan for you."
"Hey its fine, see.... this year Ganesh is in 10th standard, we frequently require some money for his exam fees and all that's why I am avoiding it. its fine... please don't feel much for me. Still I can wear those baniyans for 6 more months... Just it had got few holes in it."

"Few holes?? You always do like this? why only your suffering so much? my sari was not much important"... Gnaya's mother was not in listening mood.
"Look, children are looking at us, please stop now. We will get new baniyan for me after few months, Now we need to save some money for Ganya's board exam. You never know, we may require little extra money during that period."

Ganya's mother just kept her head on his father's shoulder and kept sobbing.

Ganya was reading book in one corner of room and had heard almost entire conversation. realising this his father's said, "Ganesh beta, please go out and play for sometime."


"Bhai, papa has come. when are you going to open the secret".... Nalini whispered in Gnaya's ear.
"Wait.. let him have dinner"... Ganya answered silently.

After papa's dinner Ganya's took one bag from his drawer and gave it to papa.

"Ganesh, What is this?".... papa asked.
"Papa, I got my first week's salary from private tuition as 250 rupees. I have got new baniyan for you. Please wear it and now onward you should not wear torn out baniyans".... Tear rolled down from Ganesh's eyes and he was not able to talk but still he completed the sentence.

Ganya's father was not able to say anything, his eyes were filled with water and were shining like star.
He just hugged Ganya and Ganya kept sobbing in his arms.

"Papa I promise, I will study very well in college and will get Good marks. After that will get Good job. we will get new home, All hardship will be finished. Also at that time there will not be need for you to take such big risk and paint building wall on 12th floor.... promise papa, I will change everything..... we will become rich.. promise papa".... Ganesh just kept sobbing and talking.

"Don't worry beta, time do change. We will have better days. You just concentrate on your studies. I am already rich beta. God has given me son like you, what else I want? I am richest person on this planet."

still Ganya was sobbing in his papa's arm. Over the year circumstances have made Ganya's father really strong but finally even his shining stars got broken and tears rolled down from his eyes.



  1. Our experience of past shape our attitude. And our attitude makes our present and future. One needs to have kind heart and ability to see reality with a reasoning. Before 1991, money was sparse for everyone in India. But after liberalization things have changed. No doubt corruption has also increased :) but we are living in an era where every Ganya can have a dream and fulfill it too. It was nice to read this story. Something which touches your heart while reading. Thanks for sharing.

  2. no words to say Sandy, it is really heart touching story :)

  3. Truly, heart touching story. i can see something more hiding in you. please make some more efforts to bring emotions and expressions to ella borate in some scenes particularly beautiful relations between family members. love and affections they nurture among themselves. hoping to see some more stories from u in the same lines. partha

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