Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where are those days?

tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring tring

"Krishna, Can you please pick up the phone?...........I am busy in making paratha's."
"ah......Radha, I am busy in shaving. I have foam on my face and don't want phone receiver to get this foam, Can you please pick it up?"...Krishna requested back to Radha.

Radha was busy in preparing breakfast with her great multitasking skills. She had four burners on the gas stove. One burner she had kept milk. On second burner she had kept sambar. On third burner she was roasting paratha. Foruth burner was lucky and was resting in peace. While roasting paratha, she was preparing next paratha, she was trying to have shape of circle for that paratha but while doing so many tasks sometimes it was getting shape of India's map or sometimes shape of Asia continent.

"Come on Krishna.....its 11 am, still you haven't finished shaving?.....I am trying to wake you up since 9 am and finally you woke up at 10 am."
"Sweetheart, Its lazy Sunday morning....its fine."

Radha, quickly switched off paratha's burner and moved to pick up phone. "Oh God, why don't I have eight hands like Durga devi? then two would have prepared breakfast, two would have pressed Krishna's clothes, two would have given morning medicines to mother-in-law, two would have feed bunty and one would have picked up the phone, How many things, I should do at a time?"......she kept talking to herself while coming to hall from kitchen.

"Hello...."....Radha just picked up phone's receiver on last ring.

"Hello, Am I talking to Radha Pawar?"
Radha, was little surprised to hear her papa's home name.

"Yes, whose this?"
"Hey, miss tubelight....your still same. haven't you recognized me?"

Radha's face glittered like gold. she forgot all her household worries of Sunday morning. Only her college friends used to call her "tubelight" as many times innocent Radha used to take some time to understand context in certain things. Her best friend had given her this name.

"Rajas, you????????".......Radha screamed happily.
"ah....Finally...!!!... Madam recognized poor guy"....Rajas felt relieved.

Radha Pawar was innocent, shy and intelligent girl from Pawarwadi. Pawarwadi a small village in Satara district of Maharashtra. Radha scored 89% in 10th standard. All her friends with average score took admission to commerce or arts stream in nearby college but Radha took admission to science stream at taluka place which was Karad. Now everyday she had to commute to college through ST bus. It was 1st Jully, Radha's first day in a college. Radha got up early and caught ST bus to reach college. Whetish complexion en-lighted by her charm, black long hair neatly tied in clip, dressed in white salwar suit, Radha entered in college. Fragrance of her Mogra string added different flavor in air. Right from junior, senior to professors everyone noticed Radha because of her charisma.
Being first day of college, seniors were having fun with newly joined junior students.

Couple of senior students came across Radha near library, "Excuse me madam, we heard that your Good singer, can you please sing a song for us?"
Radha looked down and started shivering and said in small voice, "Please let me go."

Seniors were having fun while watching such a innocent, serene Radha...."Ok Madam, leave least tell us your name".
Radha was still looking down and didn't said anything.

"Hello, our first lecture is about to begin, lets go" smart, body building type guy came hurriedly to Radha and requested her.
Radha felt relaxed.

"Can we go sir?".....he asked to seniors.
He was talking to Radha as if he knows her.
They said, "Yes, please go."

Both Radha and that guy moved away together.

"Hello, I am Rajas Deshmukh. I am from deshmukhmala, I have joined science stream"......Rajas introduced him briefly.
"Hi, I am Radha......Radha Pawar."

"Your from Pawarwadi...right?"....Rajas interrupted her.
"Radha got astonished. How you know this?"

"Actually today morning I saw you while boarding ST bus. Deshmukhmala comes before Pawarwadi so I was in same bus."
"Oh ok...Thanks a lot."

"Hey, Its fine. your from my area and I saw you struggling so just helped you. Your most welcome"
They both smiled at each other.

So Radha got one Good friend on her first day of college.

"Mr. Rajas Deshmukh, after so many years.....How are you sir?"
"I am fine. How are you?....After getting married you just got disappeared."

"Yeah, I am also fine. Got settled in Mumbai with my husband. With God's grace everything is really great. How about you?"
"I am working for TCS. I am settled in Chennai."

"Did you got married?"
"ah....not yet. I am still enjoying my freedom"....Rajas said naughtily.

"Its really nice to talk to you after so many years"....Radha became bit emotional and was talking a lot.
"Yes madam, but what happened to your old number?.....I struggled so much to get your new number."

"Oh yeah....After couple of years of marriage, My husband got transferred from Pune to Mumbai and my home number got changed. Sorry I forgot to give it to you."
"Its fine.....I also went to Chennai and then to US and didn't got opportunity to catch up with you.....Yesterday, I came to home after three years. I went to your village as well, at that time I managed to get your land-line number."

"So nice of you Rajas...!!!".........."So your at hometown now?"

As college days were passing, Radha and Rajas became Good friends. Rajas was like Radha's bodyguard. Everyday Rajas used walk 2km and come to Pawarwadi bus stop. Radha used to come there and then they used to catch bus for college. They had spent hours together at Pawarwadi bus stop while waiting for bus. As they both had taken science they were in same class. Whatever may be Radha's problem Rajas used to solve it. If Radha want any notes or book, Rajas would arrange it over the night. He always wanted Radha to win. He just wanted Radha's Happiness. They used to be always together. Other guys were thinking them as a couple but they used to laugh at it. They were knowing that they were just best friends.

Radha was all rounders person. She used to study, dance, sing everything. Rajas was just used to study. He never had any interest in dancing. Many times during inter college festival practice Radha used to spend lot of time in college and Rajas used to sit under one tree in college garden waiting for her. But he never left her alone. After finishing her practice they both used to go home together.

Radha used to tease Rajas like anything and Rajas also used to pull Radha's legs. Always fighting and caring for each other.

"Do you know where am I sitting now?"

"I am sitting on Pawarwadi ST bus stand and talking with you. I can feel someone's presence over here with me."
Radha was not able to speak anything and her eye's were filled with water. She forgot "who is she now? where is she standing?"

"Hello, Radha you there?"
" am there."

"How great those days were? worries of anything...just study, enjoy and play around...."
"Yes....those were really great days...I miss those days and not just days... I miss you as well."

They became nostalgic and talked a lot. such great and always happy friends, first time became emotional. Radha got stars in her eyes.

"Hey Radha, do you know why did I called you today?"

"Its 1st July. Today we completed 14 years of friendship. Congrats....!!!"....Rajas said.
"Do you know Rajas.....I am lucky that I have been always blessed with really great people around me and your one of them".......Radha's stars got broken and pearl rolled down from her chick.

"Hey Radha, its been an hour, I am talking to you. bye....lets sync up sometime, see you soon."
Radha also said, "bye". But still she had receiver in her hand...."Hey God, where are those days??"

Nagme hain, shikwe hain
Kisse hain, baatein hain
Baatein bhool jaati hain
Yaadein yaad aati hain
Yeh yaadein kisi dil-o-jaanam ke
Chale jaane ke baad aati hain

Yaadein, yaadein, yaadein.......!!!