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Wine gets better with age...!!!

"Krishna....Krishna, where are you?"....Radha was calling Krishna.
"Oh God, What he is doing? he will never reply on first call......since last 32 years I am trying to improve him but don't know when he will change?"......Radha was furious as Krishna was not replying to her and was murmuring something.

"What happened Radha?.....I will not get lost in this 3BHK flat. I was in kitchen, taking some medicine for my back pain"....Krishna was trying to explain himself for not replying on time to Radha.
"oh...I was calling you for going on evening walk.....Mr and Miss. Kulkarni are waiting for us....but are you having back pain?....then let me give you massage with gel, lets not go on evening walk today"....Radha said in worried tone.

"no no no......nothing to worry, I will take some rest today, will sit in balcony reading some mountaineering novel and you go on walk....If you also don't go then our old age group will feel worried about us".....Krishna was trying to convince Radha to go alone on walk with group.
"Oh and your mountaineering???!!!....nowdays with age your not going in mountains but mentally you always there only"....Radha bursted with reflex action.

"Nothing like that darling...I....I mean...I mean, I will definitely take some rest".....Krishna fumbled.

"Ok ji....Please call me if you need anything"......Radha said to Krishna and started moving out.
"Yes Darling, as you say sweetheart...!!!".....Krishna came to close door.

"shooooo.... don't use these words near the door...if someone from our neighbour listens to this then what they will think?"......Radha looked around and said in cumbersome voice.
"Don't worry....they will feel envy to you as they don't have loving husband like me".....Krishna said humorously.

Radha gave sweet smile from her wrinkles and moved away.


Krishna and Radha Patil was aged couple living in hindu colony, dadar Mumbai. Krishna was retired govt. officer and stellar mountaineer. Because of his very active lifestyle still at the age of 60 he was enjoying healthy life. The only problem he was facing was, nowadays he was having some problem with his vision. Radha was also healthy but with age sometimes she used to forget somethings. They were loving each other a lot and even after 32 years of marriage they had maintained charm of their relationship. Suraj was their only son, he was software engineer and since last two months he was in Silicon valley California for his research project. Both Krishna and Radha were very generous and contended with whatever they have achieved in their life.


Krishna was very happy that he was able convince Radha to go on evening walk alone and now he was owning kitchen for couple of hours till the time she comes back. He hurriedly came into the kitchen. He wanted to prepare "pav-bhaji" for Radha and give her surprise. For this he was working hard since yesterday, he had purchased all the vegetables and pav(inidan bread) yesterday evening and kept in the lower drawer of freeze in such way that Radha will not notice it.

As sun was about to set, its golden rays were coming into the kitchen from window and cool breeze of air coming from window was just like it was adding topping on the delightful evening. Krishna was already excited and such a nice evening environment gave him more energy. As usual he switched on radio. He started cutting vegetables while murmuring songs played on radio. After cutting vegetables, he got into the cooking action, he put pot on gas stove and added little oil in it.
he was humming song..."tera mujhase hai pehale ka nata koi....yu hi nahi dil lubhata koi......jane tu, ya jane na......mane tu, ya mane na....."
He added garlic to that oil in pot and sound of tadka added extra music to his songs. he was doing everything slowly managing his poor vision and soon pav-bhaji was prepared.
He arranged dining room nicely with two plates and candles all around the room.

Now his all preparation was completed and he just went to balcony of hall and sat in relaxed mood. He got lost in thoughts......


"Beta Krishna, I got little late while coming back from market and your dad will ask me for dinner in half an hour. please help me to cut these vegetables"....Krishna's mom requested to Krishna.
" many vegetables?.....what are you going prepare mom?".....Krishna asked surprisingly.

"Beta, I am going to prepare pav-bhaji for you".
"wow...great...!!!.....Mom, my friends like your pav-bhaji, Can I take it for tomorrow's tiffin as well".

"Yes, beta."
"Mom, can I cook pav-bhaji today?.....I will act as chief cook and you just instruct me".....Krishna said excitedly.

Mom was little surprised with Krishna's enthusiasm in kitchen but she just smiled and said "Ok."

So on that day Krishna cooked pav-bhaji and first thing he did was he packed his tiffin for college for next day.


"ting tong....ting tong".....door bell rang loudly.
Krishna came out from his thoughts after hearing to door bell. It was almost dark. he came into the hall and switched on lights. he opened the door.

Radha was back from evening walk and she came in saying, "Sorry Krishna, I got little late today. Actually Mr. Aiyer had got some sweets for our group and in that we got bit late. Let me quickly prepare dal khichadi for you......" Radha kept on talking and Krishna was just smiling.

While trying explain herself Radha suddenly sensed divine aroma in her home........"Krishna, from where this aroma is coming?"
" calm sweetheart".......Krishna said and kept his arms around her neck.

" someone is in very romantic mood today....!!!"....Radha said smilingly.
"Yah....will you please close your eyes for 5 minutes?".....Krishna requested to Radha.

Radha said...."ok" and closed her eyes.
Krishna hurriedly moved to dining room and lighted all the candles and came back to Radha. Please don't open your eyes, he went behind her, kept his hands on her eyes and took her slowly to dining room. he whispered in her ears....."I love you darling beyond my life...!!!" and slowly removed his hands from her eyes.

Radha saw that decorated table, pav-bhaji and candles all around. she was on seventh heaven. In that candle light, her wrinkled smiling faced glittered like Gold.
" this is your back pain??!!......I too love you jannu" and she gave warm hug to Krishna. Krishna held her tight in his arms.


Krishna wore new t-shirt and started for his college, without failing he took his "pav-bhaji" tiffin with him. It was his last semester of Engineering. In first half, their last CS practical was completed and sir asked them to submit their journals. Except Krishna and Radha nobody's journal was complete so sir just allowed them to go out and asked everyone else to sit there itself and complete their journals. So Krishna and Radha came out, leaving their group. 

It was lunch time. During last four years their group had always ate tiffin together but today there was no one with them. Krishna used to like Radha a lot but he was not sure if Radha also likes him or not. Today they were alone and he decided to ask her.

"Radha, Instead of eating tiffin in canteen today, can we go to that tree in garden for lunch?"....Krishna said hesitatingly.
Radha was little surprised with Krishna's question and said....."ok. np."

They started eating tiffins. Krishna wanted to propose Radha and storm of thoughts was roaring in his mind.

"Radha, I have prepared this pav-bhaji for you".....Finally Krishna started conversation.
"you have prepared it??!! really tasty"......Radha replied excitedly.

"Radha, I want to tell you something"....suddenly Krishna said with nervous face.
"Yah....go ahead"...Radha replied.

"I....I...." Krishna was just stammering......"I love you...!!!".....finally Krishna said it with lot of courage.
Radha was totally surprised and got goose bump after hearing this.

"Actually, I love you.....but its ok even if you don't love can ignore this....forget this"...... Krishna tried to cover up after seeing Radha's face.

Radha was just looking down for 5 minutes, Krishna was not able to think "What to do now?"........but suddenly she looked up and with innocent smile replied, "I love you too."

Krishna was really Happy after hearing this and after that he feeded couple of bytes of pav-bhaji to Radha with his own hands.


"But what is so special about today?"...Radha said while slowly coming out of Krishna's arms.
"Today's date is very special for us darling....Just try to remember"....Krishna replied.

"Sorry sweetheart, you know nowadays I am forgetting all small thing, really not able to remember anything about today's date?"...Radha said in confused voice.
"Its fine Jannu......Its 11th April, 34 years back, on same day I had proposed you in our college garden."

"Radha was delighted after hearing it, she smiled and again hugged Krishna. She used to feel divine peace in Krishna's arms. Krishna also held her tight.

Still she was in Krishna's arms and they were talking...
"Dear, I am really lucky to get you. Even after 34 years your holding me in your arms with same love and affection".....Radha was completely immersed in Krishna's love.
"Radha, do you remember many times in past you used to ask me.......will you love me same even at old age?".....Krishna said

"Yeah. I remember it".....Radha replied.
"Every time I used to say........I AM LIKE WINE, WINE GETS BETTER WITH AGE......!!!"......Krishna replied, they both laughed and continued to enjoyed divine peace in each others arm.


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