Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why did we grow up?

"Krishna, This is not expected from you. How can you do this?"....Krishna's Manager was scolding Krishna like anything.
He didn't even gave opportunity to Krishna to explain his point.

Krishna, an extremely sincere CA was working with "Lakhani and Lakhani" Mumbai. But it was not his day, while Auditing one of the client's account he had done small mistake in settlement report for one of the day. Krishna came to his desk, he was very nervous. he kept his cell phone on the desk and started checking his emails.

"Forget it. Sometimes it happens.....Take a chill pill Man...!!!"...Krishna's colleague, Ravi was trying to cheer up Krishna.

Suddenly Krishna's cell phone rang..."tring tring tring tring......"

"Hello..."......Krishna picked up cell.
"Hello, Is this Krishna?"....person on the other side asked.

"Yah, whose this?"
"This is Mahesh, I am calling from Ganesh Builder's office. Sir, you need to make 2 lakh payment for you flat."

"Yah, my home loan process is still going on and soon I will make the payment."
"Sir, we can't wait till you are loan is approved. Please make the payment at the earliest."

Krishna was already in bad mood and these words added more fuel to it.
"Come on Man.... ten times, I have called you are office and informed them about payment delay. then why the hell you guys are calling again and again. I am not going to run away. You still have my flat with you only....".....Krishna got blasted and he just disconnected the call.

Slowly it was turning to be horrible day for Krishna. He wanted to share his pain with his wife Radha but thought why to trouble her on phone, lets talk with her after going home.


That day since afternoon, Radha was suffering from Viral fever and had severe headache. She was waiting for Krishna to come home so that they can go to doctor.

Krishna came home and sat on sofa silently. Radha got coffee for him and sat in front of him. Krishna was sipping coffee but was bit dull. Continuous overwork in office, today’s boss firing and builders call for payment, Krishna's mind was completely occupied because of these issues and he failed to notice Radha's down mood. He wanted to share everything with Radha and feel light.

So as soon as he finished coffee, he started telling everything..."...boss....builder office...payment...blah blah..."

He noticed that Radha was down and not listening to him. As Radha was not giving much attention, he got angrier and started talking in loud voice,
"Come on Radha, I am telling you something and you are completely disconnected from me?....I need you, your support and you are not just listening..."
"Its not like that Krishna, will you listen to me?"....Radha was trying to explain her to Krishna.

But Krishna was not at all in listening mood. He was tired of so called issues in life.
He became more aggressive, "You know sometimes I feel I need to get rid of all these things...I just want to go away from this world....The only reason for my living is you and you are also behaving like this?....then why should I live?....I will go now itself...."....he kept on talking and moved out of home.

Radha tried to stop him but he just moved out and came downstairs. but after 10 minutes, he realized his mistake and went back to home. but it was bit late by that time. Radha was packing her bag and had decided to go her mothers place. She was very upset, for the first time Krishna had behaved so aggressively and badly with her.

"Radha, please listen to me...wait...wait...I am sorry...."...Krishna was trying stop Radha.
But she just moved out and went to her mothers home in Pune.

Krishna was not able to think, "What to do now?"..........he skipped his dinner, just took couple pegs of rum and went to bed.


Second day Krishna woke up around 8am, still he was feeling heavy because of yesterday's events. When he looked out of his bedroom window, he noticed that its raining heavily but he couldn't offer to miss office today as he was having so much of work to complete. He got ready and started for the office. he came to building's gate, his watchmen Hari interrupted him.

"Sir, I think train and bus might not be running..its raining heavily....all students going to school at 7am have came back....if possible just be at home today..."
"No Hari.....I have lot of work...some how I will go to office".....Krishna answered Hari and started walking towards railway  station.
Because of heavy rain and wind, it was difficult to manage umbrella. By the time he reached station, he was completely wet.

Krishna entered into station and saw that all the rail tracks are immersed in water. that scenario was like river and hundreds of people were waiting on platform. It was sure that in such scenario train wont work. Now he realized seriousness of situation. He called his boss and some how managed to convince him that because of heavy rain trains are not running and he wont be able to come to office.

He was completely wet so he closed umbrella and kept in bag. He started walking out of station. while walking he came to one play ground near station. he saw that some children were playing Football over there. Oh, God.... those children were so happy, they were enjoying like anything... He just kept watching their game and got lost in thought. He became nostalgic.


"Come on Krishna, lets go for playing football"....Mandar came to Krishna's home and was asking for playing football.
"You go ahead, I will join in 10 minutes".....Krishna whispered.

"ok....please come quickly. our entire gang is waiting on the ground for you. Its raining a lot, we will have tones of fun".....Mandar moved away.

"Krishna, beta Krishna.....who was there? where are you going? Please don't go anywhere.....Its raining a lot......" Krishna's mother came out of kitchen and was requesting him for not going out.
"Don't worry mom....I will come back quickly"....Krishna ran out of home and went to ground.

They played football in rain...they danced in rain...threw mud at each other....almost every weekend it was routine for Krishna.


Krishna was standing near ground and storm of thoughts was still going on his mind...."Oh, God, What a age it was...!!!.....Those were golden pressure of anything.....Just eat, sleep and play......Just tones of fun....Hey, God.....WHY DID WE GROW UP????.....why can't we remain as child till end of life...........those childhood days were really sweet days...."

Suddenly football hit Krishna and he came out of his thoughts. he heard that some children are saying, "Sir, please throw football...."
he dropped his bag near street light pole, picked up football and asked those children, "Can I play with you?"

Children were surprised...but they said...."yes, please join us."

Krishna removed his in shirt and joined them. He forgot his age, who he was? all his problems in life......he just played football with them for couple of hours. Enjoyed like anything.

"Thanks Gang....I enjoyed a lot with you guys....You deserve a party, What would you like to have? onion pakoda and tea?"
"No sir, lets have ice-cream".....bunty, one of the youngest child among them suggested it.

"oh...that's too cool idea...its raining, everyone is drenched and you guys wants to have ice-cream....great...!!!"
He gave ice-cream party to them. He was smiling, Happy and rejuvenated.

He thanked them, said "Good bye" and opened his bag. he checked his mobile and saw that, he had got 10 missed calls from Radha.


He immediately called back Radha, "Hey Radha, Sorry I missed you calls."
"Krishna, you stupid, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.....Its raining heavily, I am so much worried about you and you are not picking up know so many thoughts came in my mind.......I hate you, I hate you, I hate you."

"Sorry Radha, I missed you are calls.....I was playing football with children....".....Krishna was talking excitedly.
"Oh.....really...!!!..great...!!! know, I too went on terrace and got drenched in rain, played with children in society....It reminded me of my school days"....Radha replied.

"WHY DID WE GROW UP?"....Krishna said.
"WHY DID WE GROW UP?".....Radha said almost at the same time.

they both laughed.

"We grow up because I was supposed to meet you and irritate you".....Krishna said.
"Hey nothing like that, but please don't behave like yesterday again......"

"I am really sorry Radha for yesterdays behaviour....please forgive me.....I should not have over reacted....I love you.....I am coming to get you back"....Krishna confessed.

"Its fine........but you deserve some punishment and you are punishment is, till the time rain gets cleared don't attempt to come here, please don't move in rain now. So you will stay alone till tomorrow"....Radha said in her usual naughty tone.
"yah..."....Krishna just asserted with smile in reply.

After finishing call, Krishna was again walking to home. Today morning when he had started from home, his mind was banging up and down. But now when he was going home, it was like his all problem where solved....he was feeling peaceful and calm......just one thought was roaring in his mind....."WHY DID WE GROW UP???"


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