Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Flora of Garhwal Himalaya

This is small document of flowers which I found in Garhwal Himalaya during Roopkund Trek. My guide gave me their names. Most of the names are local names as per his knowledge so if you know their botanical name or any other information about them then please add it as a comment to this post. Enjoy....!!!

[Don't know name of this beautiful flower but I found it like cobra with it's hood expanded, so calling it as Nagina.]




                                  [Bhuvara from another angel.]

                                  [Green Purple]



                                  [Pahadi Purple]

                                         [van Gulab]

                                 [Blue Sangama]

                                 [Kukadi Makadi]




                       [Unidentified, but it was all over Ali Bugyal.]