Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ticket.....Ticket Please??

"Radha, would you like to have sandwich for breakfast?"
"Yeah, sure."

"How about coffee as well?"
"oh, why not?"

"Its beautiful Sunday morning. Chillness in air is not allowing me to come out of bed and my loving hubby is asking me for breakfast and coffee. Am I still in dream?"
"Come on Radha, I do sometimes prepare breakfast for you?".....Krishna spoke in little disappointing tone and moved out of bedroom.

"oh....yeah...I mean...yes...Many times you do prepare breakfast for me"....Radha followed Krishna in Kitchen.
Krishna didn't reacted and showed as if he is busy in making sandwich.

"I am going to get breakfast and coffee. that means someone wants to confess something or want to convince me for something".....Radha continued in her naughty tone.
This time Krishna smiled.

"ah.....someone smiled. That means I am correct"...Radha laughed naughtily.
"Hey, yes...I am going to tell something but rather than confession its kind of funny story."

"ah.....I caught you...story or confession???.....I will decide"......Radha took sandwiches and moved to hall.
Krishna followed her with Coffee.

"So start sir"....Radha said while gulping sandwich bite.
"Yeah....Do you remember? Last month I went to Agra for Anand's marriage?"

"Lot of fun happened in that journey....."


I was sitting in Rajdhani and busy in reading novel. We were somewhere around Baroda and I heard someone is saying, "Ticket....Ticket Please??"
I realized Ticket checker(TC) is standing next to me. I kept novel aside showed him ticket.

"ID proof, please?"
I checked my wallet but realized that my PAN card is not there. I remembered that I had it taken out for xerox in office and forgot there itself.

"Sorry Sir, I forgot my PAN card."
"Any other ID proof?"

"No sir."
"Oh...Mr. Krishna...without ID proof means your as good as without ticket. Now you have to pay fine 1.5 times of your ticket money."

"Please sir, try to understand."
"I can't keep on understanding everybody. Please don't follow me and we will meet on Delhi station for collecting fine."

I tried to convince him but he was showing attitude so I came to my place and started reading novel again.

"What is this Krishna? See, because of your negligence you ended up paying fine. thats why I could see in last month's budget, you had spent some extra money. You will never improve....".....Radha started in full swing.
"Please please....listen to me"....Krisha was trying to calm down Radha.

"I didn't paid fine."
"How did he left you?"

"Don't know why but after half and hour, TC came to me and said....Please be careful next time and smiled. Also since it was Rajdhani, it was stopping only at four places and TC came only once."
"Great. Thank God"....Radha replied in relaxed voice.

"But real fun was in return journey."
"oh..yeah...How did you managed ID proof in return journey?"


Once I was done with Anand's marriage, I went to Agra police station. Filed a complained for lost wallet and got complain paper with me.

"Why?...You had wallet, still?"
"Wait dear, will tell you everything."

while coming back I caught train for Mumbai directly from Agra around 8 am and it was waiting at many stops so many TC's were expected.
First TC came in somewhere around 11 am. As usual I was busy in reading novel.

"Ticket....Ticket Please??"
I realized that TC has came, I showed him ticket.

"ID proof, please?"
"Sorry Sir, I had lost my wallet in Agra and lost my PAN card as well. So I dont have any ID proof. see, this my complain paper."

"No, This paper means nothing to me. You have to pay fine"....TC started in full form.
"But What can I do if my wallet is lost?"

"Don't tell me anything"....TC started replying rudely But thank God people around me jumped in.

"Baccha bol raha hai, uska wallet kho gaya....usake pass complain paper hai.....lekin fir bhi aap argue kar rahe ho?"....aunt next to me started.
"Yes, Please don't pay anything. Nothing will happen"....another uncle roared.

Slowly I realized that entire compartment was with me and Finally TC went away.


Train was moving slowly. Everyone had lunch at 1:30 pm and people in compartment started taking nap. I went to rest room and was again coming in and suddenly I saw TC at another end of compartment. I wanted to read novel but instead just hurriedly came to my place and slept on my lower birth. I was not feeling sleepy but still kept my eyes closed.

TC came to my place and asked, "Ticket...Ticket please?"
"Excuse me sir....don't you see, I am taking rest?"....I talked irritatedly, as if I was in deep sleep.

"I am sorry sir"....TC felt ashamed and moved to next compartment.

Radha was laughing like anything....."What happened next?"

"Next what?".....I continued that drama for 15 mins and once he went far away, again I started reading my novel.

But that train was really pathetic and around 5pm one more TC came in.
"Then? What you did?"...Radha asked excitedly.

I was totally lost in my novel and when I realized that TC is in, he was standing just next to me....."Ticket...Ticket please?"
I acted as if I haven't seen him and got up, "oh sir, I want to go to restroom."

"You have ticket...right?"

"ID proof as well?"
"yes...Yes...".... I started walking while talking.

"oh, no please go ahead"...TC said.
I moved to restroom and relaxed there for 20 minutes. I thanked God and gave lot of blessings to that old age TC.

"Krishna, you cheater...."....Radha said while this time Radha had gone mad of laughing.
"Control Madam, Story doesn't end because still one night journey was pending".....Krishna continued....


After dinner almost everyone in my compartment went to bed and light was switched off. But I was not feeling sleepy so I came in common passage. I opened door and started reading novel under light of common passage. Because of open door cool breeze was coming in and I got lost in my novel.

Around 12:15 am suddenly I realized someone has kept hand on my shoulder. I turned back, He was TC. I got little nervous. But you know, "what he did?"
he closed the door and said, "Sir, Are not feeling sleepy?"
"No"...I said.

"Ok...but please don't open the door. Good Night"...he went away.
I felt relaxed and again started reading.

I went to bed around 1 am but woke up again at 4am.

When I came out, I saw it was Khandwa station. I thought of having tea. So got down and started walking towards tea stall. I had taken 10 to 20 steps.
But just before tea stall, there was one small room. one TC came out and started walking towards my direction. I don't know whether he was coming towards me or not but I canceled my tea plan. came back and went to bed again and woke only after train came to Mumbai.


Radha was laughing like anything....."...TC....police station.....Krishna, What a memorable journey..!!!"
"Yeah..It was very funny. I got saved repeatedly".

After laughing a lot, Radha suddenly became serious. "So you forgot PAN card in office itself? I packed everything properly. I just forgot to ask you about your journey ticket and I am hearing this. I do everything for you. but I missed one thing and this. You deserve punishment."
Radha said this and got up to catch Krishna.

Krishna ran and went behind sofa, "I entertained you so much and you want to hit me."
"Yes, because you forgot PAN card...What if you had to pay fine?"

"But I haven't paid any fine"....Krishna was laughing loudly.
"See, still your not serious"......Radha ran behind sofa while laughing loudly.

Krishna ran to bedroom and Radha was behind him.....


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