Friday, March 8, 2013


"Suraj beta, please change your school uniform and get fresh. I am getting some biscuits and milk for you"......After opening door, Radha hurridly kept Suraj's school bag in table and rushed to kitchen.

Suraj changed his clothes and started moving out of home....."Mamma, I will drink milk after some time".
"Suraj.....beta...wait" the time Radha came out of kitchen, Suraj was on the ground.

While coming up with Mamma, he had seen some kids playing football. He was eager to join them.

"Oh...God....How to handle this boy?......Now he haven't had anything and once he comes back, he will dance back and forth for dinner....."......Radha was talking to herself and moved to Gallery with cup of coffee.

Suraj and other children in colony were playing football. It was little cloudy evening and suddenly its started raining in 5 minutes.
All children started screeming, dancing. Suraj was dancing like anything.

Radha also caught mood of the evening.......She started playing with water droplets coming in the Gallery. 

Radha was simple, innocent and intelligent girl living in small villege of Satara. She had one the most beatiful eyes in the world. Dancing was breathing for her. She used to eat dance, sleep dance and drink dance. She had given many dancing performances in college festivals. Any kind of rythms was enough for getting her started dancing. She was living with her parents in her big house.

It was big duplex house sorrounded by coconut trees. In between of cocount trees, there were some other trees as well. On the first floor there was ample of open space and only one room. It was Radha's exclusive study room with Jhoola (Wooden swing). So after coming back from college, studying, playing jhoola and sometimes teasing villege people from first floor was kind of routine for her. From childhood itself, Everyone in villege was aware of her jolly going nature, they also used to love her becasue of her innocence.


Rainy season was Radha's favourite season. It was sunday evening and Radha was studying in her room while sitting on Jhoola. Suddenly she realized that its raining outside. tip-tip rythms of rain drops, ignited dancer in her. She peeped downstars and confirmed that her mother is still enjoying afternoon nap. She also made sure that no one is around in the area.

As soon as she realized that things are fine, she just came out of her room and started dancing in rain. She was completely drenched.

"Barso Re Megha Megha......... Barso Re Megha Megha......... Barso Re Megha Barso".....she was singing and dancing with ultimate happiness.

Almost after an hour when rain got slowed down she stopped, went into study her room. Changed her dress and immediately started studying again.

"Radha, Please come down for Tea".....Radha's mother called for evening tea.
"Yeah...aai(mother)"....Radha went down.

" changed dress?"
"What aai?"....Radha fumbled.

"I mean, you had weared green dress in the morning and now its blue. did you changed it?"
"Oh...I just changed."

"ah...ok.."...aai just gave tea to her and moved to kitchen. Radha again came up and started studying.


" there?".....Radha's neighbour Ganga came to her home calling her mother.
"Yeah...Ganga tai, I am in kitchen...Please come in"......Radha's mother said loudly.

"You need to control Radha, else she will get caught by cold and fever."
"How come?"...Lakshmi replied in worried tone.

"Couple of hours back, I saw Radha playing in rain. She do it frequently. I have seen her many times."
"Oh....really...Let me ask her."

"Radha...Radha..."......Lakshmi called Radha.
"Yes...aai"....Radha came down.

"What I am hearing this? You oftenly get drenched in rain. Is that true? Its not Good for your health Radha."
"No. no aai.....I mean....yes......sometimes after getting bored from studies, I enjoy dancing in rain".....Radha confessed in little nervous tone.


" aai".....Radha was saying this and suddenly she realized that doorbell is rining since long.

She came out of her stream of thoughts and hurriedly came from Gallery to hall, opened door but on one was there.
Suddenly Suraj who was hiding just next to door, jumped in front of Radha saying....."bhooooo....bhoooooo"...and he was acting like ghost.

Radha was delighted with Suraj's surprise and she hugged him.

"Mamma, why don't you play in rain....its so much fun"....Suraj asked innocently.
"Should we play now?"

Little Suraj was surprised with his mother response but he started jumping with rejoice......"Yes...!!!....Yes....Let's go...yo yo...yo.."

Radha locked door and went to building's terrace with Suraj. It was still raining like anything.

Tip-Tip rythm of rain drops took out dancer in Radha and she started dancing with full on energy and little Suraj was also dancing and trying to copy his mother.
"Barso Re Megha Megha......... Barso Re Megha Megha......... Barso Re Megha Barso".