Sunday, April 21, 2013


"Come on Arnav, last few meters. Yes...!!! you can do it...!!!"....Aarushi was almost standing on her seat.
"Come on Arnav....!!!"...Aayush was also screaming with Aarushi.

Arnav was in his last lap in second position and just few meters distance was remaining for target.

"Arnav beta, just take deep breathe and couple of forceful strokes, come on..."...Aarushi was in action as if she is swimming.
Aayush had kept one hand on Aarushi's shoulder and he was screaming full in swing...."Arnav...Arnav....Arnav.....Arnav...!!!"

"Sunny is in lead position. Arnav is in second position and trying to take lead with all his energy. We should get our 200 meter freestyle swimming champion of the year within few seconds....."...Commentator also couldn't control his excitement and was standing on his chair.



Aayush was sitting on left side of the bed, near lamp and was checking some emails. Arnav was in deep sleep and next to him Aarushi was trying to sleep, patting Arnav.

"Aayu, are you listening to me?".....Aarushi said in little frustrating tone.
"Yeah....tell me"....Realizing Aarushi's mood, Aayush quickly kept laptop aside and turned towards her.

Aarushi had already turned on other side.
"Come on Aarushi, I am listening to you...."

"I wanted to discuss something with you".....Aarushi got up and started.

"When Arnav was small, I used to spend all my time taking his care but this June Arnav will go to Senior KG, Now he is quite grown up. I get lot of spare time. I am tired of reading books as well. so sometimes I feel bored."
"oh....thats why someone is getting frustrated these days...."

"Aayu, I am serious, please...."
" was just kidding. Yeah.. your right. have you thought of anything?"

"No nothing"
"Do you want to start your career again?"

"NO. NEVER....I don't want to get into that corporate monotonous life again."

"Can you think of anything?"
Aayush kept quite for sometime and then started with lot of excitement....."One option is there".

"Why don't you start swimming again? I remember your liking for swimming before marriage. You enjoy it like anything. I think you was district level champion in swimming. So please start swimming again, it will occupy your 2/3 hours. Also I would say, teach swimming to Arnav as well."

"Oh....What an idea...!!!"
"Yes, please start tomorrow itself."


Next day morning, Aarushi got up with new energy. She went to nearby swimming pool, completed all the formalities for herself and Arnav.
On the same evening she asked Aayu to come home early and they did shopping for Arnav's swimming cap, goggle. she also got new swim suit for herself. Aayu was also Happy seeing new charm on Aarushi's face, that day they went out for dinner.

Aarushi started swimming everyday. She used to get out of world happiness while diving from first floor. Freestyle, backstroke, sidestroke, butterfly -- she was master of all the techniques. It was pleasure for everyone at pool watching such a technically perfect swimmer. She started helping other ladies for learning different styles. slowly Aarushi became sweet teacher on pool.

Initially Arnav was afraid of getting into water. Aarushi used to get him on back, give ride over entire pool. Arnav used to enjoy that ride like anything. Aarushi also got duck float for him. He used to just play in water. Slowly Arnav also got comfortable with water and started kicking and moving hands.

Aarushi was holding Arnav's hands and slowing walking in water, Arnav was kicking. 
"Mamma, I am tired"....Arnav was about to cry.
"Beta, one more round. My son is strongest. Come on..."...she took him for one more round.

"Beta, stretch your hand completely in front of you, then only water will move back."....Arnav used to listen to all instructions. Slowly sometimes crying, sometimes enjoying Arnav learned swimming. But Arnav was afraid of jumping into water. sometimes Aarushi used to throw him into water but then he used to cry. Aarushi got good idea for this.

She used to behave as if she is sinking into water and scream, "Arnav, please save me, save me."
Looking at his mother then Arnav used to jump into water. Because of this slowly Arnav came of his fear and learned diving as well.


All these activities resloved Aayush's problem as well. He was Happy to see Aarushi in action.
Everyday he was getting new swimming stories during dinner.

"Papa, you know.."
"Yes, beta."

"Today, Mamma was sinking, I jumped and saved her."
"My brave son....!!!"

Slowly, steadily, over the years Aarushi's effort started giving some sweet fruits. Arnav started liking swimming. He learned everything and started winning inter-school competitions.

Recently Arnav had qualified for "state level 200 meters freestyle swimming" in children group and winner was supposed be sent for International event.

"Mamma, tomorrow I will win".....Arnav said.
"Beta, as I always tell you. Yes, winning is important but don't get stuck over this. Enjoy your swimming best of your ability. Don't think about result.  I WANT YOU TO FEEL PURE HAPPINESS, I am not bothered about result. Do your best....then let anything happen."

Aayush had taken leave for the event. Aayush was sitting in front row of the stadium with Aarushi. 

Arnav came out. He was standing on the 11th number. On first whistle of instructor, he took the position. Looked at his parents. Final whistle and Arnav jumped.


Competition was going full in swing.

Arnav slowly came in equal position of Sunny who was lead. Entire stadium hold their breathe, almost everyone was standing.

Finally within blink of eyelid, Arnav took lead and reached target. He won the championship...!!!

Everyone was clapping. Aarushi was just calm, resting her head on Aayush's shoulder. Her eyes were full of happiness and satisfaction.


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