Friday, April 25, 2014


"Bye Ganesh"....."bye Pankaj"...."bye Suresh"...."bye....bye..."....everyone was hurriedly giving high-five to each other and moving away.

"Pakya, did you saw that new vendor?.....He has something interesting....It's smelling so great......What is he selling?"....Ganya asked.
"Please call me Pankaj..."....Pankaj was very quick.

"Ganesh, its papa sometimes get it for me"....Pankaj replied.
"Gulab...jamun??..." Gagya kept murmuring.

There was one new street vendor in front of school gate. He had one stove with big plate containing so many brown balls like pieces arranged nicely. When someone used to ask him for it, he used to pull forwards couple of pieces in warm water like substance and give it to that person.

It was one of the beautiful evening in the winter. Cool breeze of air was adding little chillness in air and was carrying amazing fragrance of Gulabjamun all around. It was usual end of the day for school around 6 pm. Pankaj was waiting for his school bus and once he goes Ganya would walk to home. This was their routine since Pankaj moved to this school a year back for 3rd standard.

"How does it taste?"....Ganya was very much curious about it.

"It taste too Good. My favourite sweet dish. But How come you don't know about Guabjamun?"
"I never saw it".....Ganya whispered and he was looking at Gulabjamun only.

Suddenly school bus came, Pakya boarded it and Ganya also started walking towards his home but his mind was revolving around Gulabjamun.


"Ganya, where were you?...come fast, we are about to start playing hide-and-seek?".....Tanvi welcomed Ganya as soon as he as he entered in chawl.
"Really Tanu? count me as well. I will come in 2 minutes"....Ganya ran towards his home.

"Maaa (mother)....Maa, I am going for playing..."...Ganya entered home shouting loudly.
"Ganesh...beta (son)....please get fresh, have rusk and tea first. I still need to finish my cooking work at couple of homes, so it will be late for dinner today"......Ganya's mother was trying to get hold of him.

Ganya changed his dress, grabbed couple of rusk from plate and ran out saying...."Rusk is enough, I don't want tea today."
Ganya's mom came out of kitchen saying...."Please, be careful while playing..." but Ganya was already out in chawl.


"Oh God, what is this!!! Oh, such big brown ball......ah, it's a Gulabjamun....who sent it for me?.......looks like God has sent it for me."
"Let me taste, It's so sweet...I can eat this for 10 days and still it won't get finished."

"Thank you, God!!!...I am so lucky!!!".
"Let me call Tanu, Raju....everybody....let everyone enjoy.....This is treat from me to them........Last month on my birthday, I didn't even gave cake to anybody".....Ganya was talking to himself.

He went out and called everybody. They all were sitting around that big Gulabjamun and were busy in eating. Everyone was praising Ganya for his treat but Ganya was completely immersed in eating Gulabjamun from other side.

"Ganya, Ganya......What happened? What are you talking......Wake up my will get late for school".......Ganya was in deep sleep and murmuring something.
"This guy keep on playing entire day and gets tired so much that he don't even wake up on time for school".....Ganya's mother was talking to herself while cleaning vessels.

"Ganya....Ganya..."...she shouted again.

Finally Ganya woke up and was sitting on his bed rubbing his eyes........still roaming in his dream.


"Ganya....Ganya.....Can you come here?".....Ganya's neighbour was calling him.
"Yes uncle."

"It's Sunday and I need at least 3-4 different news papers for reading. will you get it for me?"
"Sure uncle"......Ganya took five rupees from uncle and went to market remembering names of new papers.

Ganya was always available for small quick help to anybody in chawl. He used to help in getting milk, grocery, any small things for neighbours. He never hesitated in helping anybody for any possible small work.

"Uncle, These are your news papers and remaining 50 paise"......Ganya was back from market.
"So nice of you Ganya...keep those 50 paise for you, have some chocolates".....uncle replied.

"No no uncle....I don't want mom will scold me".
"Keep it beta, every Sunday you get news paper for me and I forget to get chocolate for you. I will talk to your mother. Keep it".....Somehow uncle convinced Ganya and dropped 50 paise in his pocket.

Ganya went home and kept it in his compass box.


It was Saturday afternoon and after attending half day in school, all children in chawl were busy in playing with marbles. It was Ganya's day and he was won lot of marbles.

Ganya's mom never liked Ganya playing marbles. So Ganya never took marbles at home. Sometimes he used to distribute it among his friends and sometimes he used to dig pit in ground and keep them for playing again. But as final exams were close he thought that there was no point in keeping marbles in pit.

Suddenly Ganya got another idea.
He went to shopkeeper who used to sell marbles......"Uncle, I have around 80 marbles. Would like to purchase them?"
Shopkeeper looked at Ganya and said...."Ok, show me?"

Shopkeeper checked all the marbles and said, "I can give 75 paise for all these marbles. fine?"
Ganya just nodded his head in assertion.

Ganya kept those 75 paise in his compass box.


As usual after school, Pakya and Ganya were waiting for Pankaj's school bus but for some reason it was little late on that day.

"Pakya, I will give you one surprise."......Ganya said and started walking towards Gulabjamun vendor.
"What surprise?"....Pankaj followed him.

Ganya opened his compass box and handed over all the money to vendor.

"Oh beta, its just one rupees twenty five paise, I can give you two small pieces. fine?"....vendor asked.
"Yes..."....Ganya nodded.

As vendor was filling their dish, Ganya's half stomach got filled with amazing smell of cardamom boiling and brown balls, his small dream was about to come true.
Both started eating Gulabjamun. Ganya was too Happy and with first byte of it, he said....."Yes Pakya, its really nice!!!"


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